Healthy Living Tips - 9

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2015

Get up early every day

Do your daily hygiene routine

Don't skip your breakfast

Add berries to your breakfast

Practice regular Exercises

Be Spiritual from morning to evening

Have a smiling Attitude

Use only healthy flavors in cooking

Always have herbal tea to drink

Add tomatoes to your dishes

Reduce your stress always

Take green vitamin rich food

Take 1 follic acid tablet daily

Check your hemoglobin level

Don't miss to take five dates daily

Try to take five cashew nuts daily

Maintain your healthy weight

Have regular dental checkups

Can take one bottle beer a day

Drink plenty of pure water

Stop smoking now itself

Make self medical checks

Estimate your Hormonal level twice a year

Avoid household allergens

Don't get exposed to the midday sun

Try to relax frequently

Go to be early

Meditate twice daily

Healthy Living Tips

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