Healthy Living Tips - 21

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2015

Get a minimum of an hour of exercise daily: For a minimum of an hour on a daily basis, make certain you are active. You'll even break now up into manageable fifteen minute chunks.

Have fun: realize one thing that is each fun and active at the identical time, like recreation or team sports.

Concentrate on technique: Cut your risk of injury and improve the standard of your elbow grease by exploitation safe fitness techniques.

Team up: Enlist the assistance of a fan who can estimate with you to remain motivated and luxuriate in yourself.

Be persistent: specialize in your long-run fitness goals and ne'er quit.

Walk for half-hour daily.

Eat a bit of fruit daily.

Eat whole foods rather than processed foods whenever doable.

Reject foods and drinks manufactured from artificial colors or sweetener.

Begin every lunch/dinner with a dish.

Provide your partner a hug on a daily basis before work.
Healthy Living Tips

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