Health and Spiritual Benefits of Overnight Fasting

Dr. Purushothaman
September 6, 2017

Finding an effective diet method is something that most people are in search of. For this purpose, many have tried weight loss supplements and are into exercising rather than putting in more effort in finding out the right diet plan. Fasting is one way of dieting plan that is mainly focusing on reducing the regular intake of food that usually a person takes in. Fasting is also popular as body cleansing technique. Our body has a very natural cleaning system that lets out the toxic substances as well as the wastes from the body through the blood. The real aim of fasting is to make sure that the body cleanse itself from the toxins inside, thus maintaining a healthy functioning of the organs. The Physical benefits of fasting were known right from time immemorial.

Some of the religions also encourage fasting as part of religious tradition. But the benefits that the body gains out of fasting are many. We can try out overnight fasting, that is considered as an easy way of fasting. All we need to do is to restrain from the food that we take at night and eat only during day time. This can be called as an intermittent fasting method. Such a kind of fasting will help you to control as well as regulate the eating pattern, giving you a lot of health benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Helps to purify the blood

When you fast overnight, you are allowing the body to cleanse the blood, get itself ridden from harmful toxins which can cause harm to the body. This can be one of the reasons why doctors usually advise us to eat our dinner before 7 pm. The food taken in during the night hours are the ones that block and prevent the body from cleaning or eliminating the substances that are harmful to the body.

Helps to reduce the risks of heart diseases

When we fast overnight, we are able to get a better heart and cardiovascular system. This process will help in getting the cholesterol out of the body and also prevents it from entering the walls of the arteries. When you eat at night, your heart tends to work harder and this can be unhealthy for your heart and ultimately to your body. When you fast overnight, your heart will work better and helps the cardiovascular system from any kind of failure.

Prevents Alzheimer

The disease called Alzheimer is caused due to the damage of the neural cells in the brain. This disease usually affects a person during old age. With overnight fasting, the function of the brain cells is maintained and this helps in promoting the formation of new cells in the brain, thus prevents the development of Alzheimer. This can be considered as the best of the medical benefits of fasting overnight.

Helps to fight inflammation

The level of antioxidant enzymes in the body can be increased with overnight fasting. This plays a major role in fighting the inflammation that is usually caused due to infection by the bacteria or by oxidative stress.

Other benefits

Benefits of fasting other than those mentioned above are that it helps to prevent diabetes, keeps the functioning of the brain in a proper manner, helps to lose weight in a healthy manner, protects the kidneys, helps to prevent obesity, helps in metabolism, boosts up the system of immunity and improves the pattern of eating.

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