Health Benefits of Walking for Losing Excess Weight

weight losing exercise

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2017

It is a known fact that walking will help in burning off the excess calories from the body. Walking is an exercise that is very simple and healthy for the body. Moreover, you will be able to do this exercise without spending a penny at all. As per researchers, this very exercise is able to give you better results in reducing heart diseases as well as diabetes, increasing the density of the bone, decreasing the pressure of the blood and more. Benefits of walking are more than one can even imagine.

Walking for a minimum of four hours, a single week will help in losing around 9lbs. People choose to walk for purposes like losing weight, have a well toned body and not to be obese. Whatever be the reason for losing weight, choosing walking as the means of losing weight is something that is very much safer than any other method. Being committed to reach the goal is something that one should keep in mind while taking up walking. Apart from walking, choosing the right diet plan too can help in losing weight in a fast pace.

Choosing between Running or Walking

When a person decides to take up walking for health, they might have the doubt whether to choose running or walking. When a quick result is needed, one would tend to choose running, as running helps in sweating up faster. But it is a very surprising fact that walking is the one that helps you to lose weight at a quicker pace than running. Studies show that people who take up walking are able to burn more calories than those who take up running.

Effective walking techniques that help to lose weight

Choosing thirty minute fast paced walks three times a week and a medium paced walk twice a week tend to lose five times more fat from belly than people who simply walked or strolled in a moderate pace five days a week.

Starting your walking for 15 minutes will be better. The time can be increased gradually. For the purpose of burning around 100 calories, one need to take around 2000 steps, that is walking a mile per day. When you are planning to lose a pound in seven days, you need to walk take around 10,000 steps a day.

Starting your day at early hours will help you in completing your exercise regime with ease. Wake up keeping off your laziness aside and walk around your neighborhood every day. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk as many times as possible. You can walk home after your work or college and try to avoid vehicles for commutation if the distance is just nearby.

Posture while walking

Benefits of power walking are many. But maintaining the right posture does count a lot. While walking, always put your chin up. Your elbows should be at right angles. Try to take longer strides. Do not clench your fists. Instead, relax your fist and give it a cup shape. Look forward and walk with your abdomen towards the spine. If you take into account these points while walking, you will be able to get the desired results within a short period.

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