Health Benefits of Playing Volleyball

Health Benefits of Playing Volleyball

Dr. Purushothaman
November 20, 2017

People these days are always busy in their work and their day to day activities. Only a small number tries to take care of their body and its fitness. Exercising has become a real necessity for today’s life, due to the increase in inactive hours people spend every day. Indulging in any kind of sport will actually increase the energy level of the body and make you fit and strong. Volleyball is a sport that can be played any time. It is usually a kind of beach sport. But it can be played indoor stadiums too. Playing Volleyball will help you to gain your health and stamina than ever before. There are many advantages of playing Volleyball. Some of them are mentioned herein.

Major Benefits

Speeds up Metabolism

The main benefit that we get out of playing volleyball is the acceleration of metabolism. Every person experiences different metabolism performance. A better metabolism is essential for a healthy body. Regular exercising helps in providing a good metabolism. While taking up Volleyball for the first time, our body will experience a bit of difficulty. It takes time to adjust and soon gradually we will find our metabolism improve day by day. Even a causal volleyball game with your friends will give a good exercise for the body.

Gives good shape to the body

Care should be taken to do warm up exercises before starting the game. The muscles should experience ease of movement while playing the sport. Moreover, we get maximum result when we start the game with a warm up exercise. Volleyball game is so energetic a game that we will be able to get a good body shape. We will be able to get the right body proportion when we regularly play the sport.

Burns up the body fat

Unnecessary and excess body fat can cause a lot of problems for us. To cut off the excess fat from the body, we need to do regular exercise. One of the advantages of Volleyball is that it gives the player maximum chances to move, as it includes jumping, running and throwing of the ball. Such activities help to burn the body fat very fast.

Helps to burn up the calories

When you play volleyball, you will be in need of more nutrients, as the game needs more effort. Greater efforts need more amount of food. Taking in the right nutrients coupled with the right sport activity will help you to burn up the calories and let you stay in shape.

Improves your speed and balance

The many activities in volleyball like hitting of the ball, throwing the ball and even running helps in improving the speed and balance of the body.  We do not have the perfect body balance or speed. But it can be improved with regular exercising. With the right balance and speed you will be able to do every activity with ease.

Other benefits

The benefits of playing Volleyball are many. You will experience greater energy when you regularly play the sport. It also helps in improving the health of the heart, improves the performance of the nerves and muscles, improves the range of motion, increases stamina, prevents osteoporosis, reduces risk of becoming obese, reduces anxiety and reduces depression.

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