Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Dr. Purushothaman
November 2, 2017

Playing golf is not everyone’s cup of cake. Golf is a very expensive sport, and a very elite sport. The reason why the sport is considered elite is because buying a golf stick will cost us a lot. Moreover, becoming a member of the golf club would be much more expensive. Keeping this fact aside, checking into the various health benefits of the sport can give us a good idea who golf becomes a sport that provides us with good health. Some of the benefits of playing golf are given below.

Helps in smoother blood flow

Golf does not allow the player to stand in a single position to shoot the golf ball into the hole. The player must walk from one hole to another and this helps in the smooth flow of blood inside the body. When the player walks 18 holes, he is walking over three to four miles a game. This gives the player a good exercise and will facilitate in smooth blood flow. This can help in improving our heart function. The result would be that the body sweats and gives a fresh feel after the game. Apart from walking, you need to swing the golf stick hard enough to make the ball reach the hole from a long distance. This actually helps in providing fitness as well as flexibility to the body.

Strengthens the heart muscles

Physical Benefits of golf are many. It is a sport that gives good benefit for the heart. People who regularly practice the sport will stay healthy and will not suffer from the many chronic diseases like high blood pressure. Playing golf makes our heart pump in a normal way.

Reduces stress

One of the major benefits of playing golf is that it reduces stress level. Golf is an outdoor game and the more you spend outdoors, you feel relaxed. Moreover, it cannot be considered as a game which needs a lot of rules as in football or basketball. The player simply has to relax and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about winning or losing the game. The relaxed mode in which the player focuses on the game makes it a great stress buster.

Great relaxation for the mind

Bringing our mind to a certain point is what golf is meant for. Making our mind focus on shooting the ball to the hole makes the mind think only about the particular activity, making us forget our day’s tensions.

Helps us to have patience

What the player needs is to manage one’s own weakness and nothing else. For being able to play the game in a really wonderful way, one needs to understand the field properly and play the game in a real calm manner. This actually helps the player to stay patient, even in times of tension. Proving a calm mind is one of the Mental Benefits of playing Golf.

Helps to socialize

Golf is friendly competitive game. Usually the expectation to win a game of golf is lesser than any other game. Walking along with the competitors to the next point actually helps the player to increase his/her socializing skills.

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