Health Benefits of Kickboxing for Women


Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2017

Want to burn calories in an effective manner, and get your body to the right shape of your dreams? Then all you women out there!! Just jump into kickboxing sessions!! Kickboxing is a sport activity that will help in burning calories effectively. It is a kind of martial art sport that includes kicking, punching, avoiding the kicks and punch from the other person, thus making us extremely flexible and fit.  While taking a look at the health benefits of kickboxing, you will be able to find a whole lot of them. Some of them are mentioned below.

Teaches Self Defense

Kickboxing is very beneficial for females on the whole. It is very important for every woman to learn the techniques of self- defense, as the world these days are filled with harassments towards them. While in a dangerous situation, it has become very essential for women to protect themselves rather than depending on others. When women have the ability to protect themselves, they will have a great sense of confidence and will be able to go out without fear.

Relieves stress

Kickboxing gives relief from stress. While making the movements such as punching, kicking and blocking attacks in a quick pace, we will not be able to think of other things, but only focus on the activity alone. This gives great relief from stress. People who indulge in stressful work will find better results while taking part in kickboxing sessions. This can be considered as one of the major advantages of Kickboxing.

Burns off Calories

Kickboxing is a very interesting sport activity that does not give you the feel that you are doing a monotonous activity. While practicing the sport, we will be able to burn a minimum of thousand calories without even aware of this fact. A single hour session will help us burn around 700 to 800 calories. Thus, this sport is a good one for our heart.

Builds Muscles

Kickboxing helps in building muscles. As we tend to attack in a hard mode, each and every muscle in the body tends to develop into its bigger form. This sport has in it a combination of weight lifting with cardiovascular practice. Both these help in making the muscles grow stronger. It also helps in strengthening the heart by increasing the pace of the heart beat and also by increasing the intake of oxygen supply. Moreover, it helps to involve the main muscles of the body like the muscles in the back, feet, waist as well as hands.

Helps in improving flexibility

The best means of increasing the flexibility of the body is to involve in kickboxing. As there involves a lot of movements, especially stretching of the hips and shoulders, our body becomes more flexible. The hip movements improve a lot due to the high kicks to the front side as well as the sides.

Builds up Self confidence

Kickboxing is a sport that teaches us to defend for ourselves. There are a lot of Psychological Benefits of Kickboxing. It gives the trainee easy flexibility to the various parts of the body. This gives the trainee more confidence in life, to face dangers without fear and to be proud of their well-toned body.

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