Health Benefits of Ice Skating

Health Benefits Of Ice Skating

Dr. Purushothaman
October 30, 2017

Ice Skating is a popular sport which is played on ice. The players put on ice skating shoes to play the sport. The shoes have steel blades in the bottom for friction. Due to the friction on the blade and the ice, a slippery surface is created on the ice. This is a game that can be conducted both indoors as well as outdoors. It can even be played on a frozen lake or river during the season of winter. This can be conducted as a winter sport or as a sport.

During the winter season, in some countries, lakes, ponds and rivers freeze and the sport are conducted there. Since the layer of ice is very thick, in countries like Finland, Russia, Norway and Netherlands, we find people ice skating to move from one place to another in skates. This sport is played on the ice skating rink in countries that have a warm climate. The various categories for ice skating or speed skating, ice hockey, ice dancing and figure skating. These categories are included in the Winter Olympics.

Major Benefits of Ice skating

Ice skating is a sport that needs complete balancing of the body. One needs to have the perfect balance with the skates on ice while gliding, walking and even standing on the ice rink. This henceforth gives a lot of benefits to the players. Some of the major benefits of ice skating are mentioned below:

Balancing of the body

One of the major benefits of ice skating is that it helps us to balance the body properly. The first training that we get while ice skating is to gain the perfect body balance. Ice skating needs the right balance of the body in both the feet and on a single foot. Great coordination and skill is needed to become a skilled skater.

Helps to keep the body in shape

Studies show that people who are into ice skating sports are able to remain fit and strong. Women usually get a slender body as a result. It is an easiest way to lose weight.

Development of Motor sensors

When children are trained Ice Skating at a very small age, their motor sensors are developed in a perfect manner. Ice skating helps to maintain the body’s balance and hence it is a great boost to improve the motor sensors.

Improves quality of sleep

Playing ice skating is really exhausting, as it needs a lot of strain for the body to balance and to move without falling off. Unlike other sports, ice skating needs a lot of effort and this is the reason why we feel really tired. Our sleep quality will be increased as a result.

Get a healthy heart

Ice skating is an aerobic acidity. It improves the flow of the blood as well as oxygen all through the body. This is very important for our organs, especially for the health of the heart. Ice skating will help to decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack.

Paying attention while ice skating

Ice skating is a very hard and rigorous sport activity. Hence people with medical conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis as well as arthritis should consult a doctor before indulging in the sport. Make sure to wear the perfect safety equipment like protectors for elbow and knee and helmets before playing the sport. Since there are a lot of health benefits of ice skating, turning on to this sport will be a great boon to your health and your body as a whole.

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