Health Benefits of Basketball Playing

Dr. Purushothaman
October 21, 2017

While thinking of the name of a popular sport after football, we always think of basketball. Two teams play in basketball. Each player will be aiming to put the ball into the basket of the opponent team. It is one of the popular sport activities among kids as well as among the adults. Apart from being a wonderful sport, playing basketball is sure to make the players really fit and strong. Some of the wonderful benefits of the sport are given briefly here.

Major Benefits

Better Physical Health for small kids

It is always better to stay healthy and fit. To take steps to stay healthy is always better than cure any disease. When we want a better generation, it is always good to train the children in a sport that gives them great health and energy. Basketball is one such sport that helps children gain good physical strength.

Increases the body’s immune system

When we have a good immune system, we tend to remain strong and safe from all kinds of illnesses. While playing basketball, our immune system improves. This helps in getting rid of the viruses as well as bacteria from attacking us. Good and healthy food blended with the right sport activity will always help us stay free from illnesses.

Helps to train the muscles of the body

Basketball is a sport activity that keeps our body as well as our organs stay active due to the continuous movement. The sound of the whistle makes every player in both teams move. Activities of the game like dribbling, running and blocking the ball makes the muscles of the players fit and strong.

Gain more height

Stretching is what the game of basketball gives the most training to its players. Small children who play basketball are tend to gain more weight than a normal person, as the game involves in stretching of the leg bones, spine as well as the leg muscles.

Lose excess body weight

One of the major benefits of playing basketball is that it helps in shedding of excess body weight. Those who are planning to lose weight in a healthy manner can always opt to play basketball on a regular basis. With a one hour basketball game every day can give you a well toned body, as we will be able to burn around 700 calories per day.

Improves the function of the brain

While doing any task, we need to focus a lot. Without the right concentration, we will not be able to work well. Getting the brain do the perfect concentration is possible when our body gets the right exercise. Good exercise gives the right blood flow to the brain, which makes it stay refreshed. This helps us to concentrate more. Playing basketball helps our body to get the right exercise. This will stimulate the brain to work well due to the right blood flow.

Helps in the growth of the body

Players jump a lot while playing basketball, for putting the ball in the basket of the opponent. Jumping is a good exercise for the body that helps in its growth. Jumping makes the muscles more flexible and it helps in the growth of the body. Kids trained with the sport will benefit a lot from the game.

Other benefits

The health benefits of playing basketball are many apart from those mentioned above. It gives a boost to our cardiovascular system, helps in reducing the risk of gaining heart diseases, stabilizes our hormones and avoids osteoporosis and obesity.

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