Health and Beauty Benefits of Interval Training

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2017

Interval training has recently become a very popular method of exercise that is being practiced by a lot of people. As Interval training is known by the name High intensity interval training, the workouts are called HIIT workouts. We will be able to find a set of repeated bouts of extremely high intensity workouts followed by recovery times that can vary as per the type of exercise being done and according to the person who is taking up the training. High Intensity training is a set of moderate aerobic sport activities as well as vigorous intensity training that every adult must take up.

For maintaining a very healthy body, it is recommended to do a minimum of thirty minute moderate training for a period of five days per week. It can also be vigorous activities for twenty minutes for a period of three days per week. The reason why Interval training has become popular these days is because it is suitable for anyone. It suits people with different levels of fitness. In short, it is good for both diabetes patients as well as those suffering from obesity. Interval training includes walking, swimming, rowing, elliptical cross training, climbing stairs, cycling and more.

The reason why most people tend to choose interval training is because of its efficiency. Those who take up interval training need not put in more time in training. It has to be noted that short time interval has the same training benefits as the hard core physical exercises that does take more time. Moreover, it can be modified for almost everyone. It helps in burning fat, calories and also helps in shedding weight without loss of the muscle mass.

Major benefits

Helps in improving the fitness of the body- While taking up interval training, we are able to improve our body fitness within a short period. It helps in training the muscles properly, making you feel fit and strong.

Support in losing weight- A major benefit of interval training is that it helps in losing the body weight. It can be seen that by simply spending half an hour for this training session, you will be able to get amazing results. Interval training for weight loss in short, it's very much beneficial for those who plan to shed their weight within a short period.

Helps in increasing endurance- Any kind of physical activity or sport helps in increasing body endurance. With good endure, it will be easier for us to do heavy tasks or hard works with ease. Those who practice interval training is able to gain better endurance than those who do not take up any kind of exercise on a regular basis.

Helps in burning the abdominal fat- Visceral fat or abdominal fat that sticks on to the organs are the real cause for gaining many kinds of degenerative diseases. People tend to gain the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer as well as obesity due to the abdominal fat. It is a fact that this fat is too stubborn to be removed. By doing any kind of moderate training, it is difficult to get rid of this fat. But interval training helps not only to burn the fat presently under the skin, but also the abdominal fat.

Other major benefits

Interval training workouts have a lot of other benefits than those mentioned above. It strengthens the immune system, increases sensitivity to insulin, makes us, young again and gives longevity.

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