Hair loss and aging

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Hair Loss – prominent in aging men and women

As you nurture older, it is common to begin to notice several changes that occur within your body. One of the changes that both males and females may experience is hair loss. If you are finding that your hair is falling out, one aspect you may consider is age. As you grow older, finding why this occurs with age and how to prevent problems can help you to fight hair loss. This problem is especially well known in aging men, although women also suffer from it.

What are Follicles?

Follicles or openings of the skin are in the scalp in which the hair grows. Hair on the body is a protein-based substance. Earlier to naturally falling out, one individual hair strand will last for four to five years. When it falls out, it will be replaced with a new growth of hair, which will then take over that particular follicle. To produce more hair it is easier to take in the proper amounts of protein when you are younger. There will be a disparity in the hair growth when you are aging because of the amount of protein that you need to produce the hair.

Causes for hair loss

The replacement of hair in the follicle of the scalp begins to measure down slower when you begin to age. The reason is the slowing down of the body as you age. Less protein is formed because there is not as much growth or change that is occurring throughout one’s system. The cause for baldness as well as thinning of hair is the lack of protein, which causes hair to fall out and not to be replaced as quickly.

Many people will also begin to lose pigment from the hair that is already in place is a different part of this hair loss. As age progresses, some people find their hair may not only fall out and not be replaced, but may also result in hair strands being smaller and thinner. The reason for this is the loss of thickness that is shaped and needed for hair as one ages.

Affect in men and women

The affect of Aging and hair loss in men and women vary when it begins to happen. The thinning of hair in women is the symptom, as it is not producing as much pigmentation. Hair will be lost from the front of the scalp to the back in men. It is due to the changes in protein and pigment and also to the hormone of testosterone. The reason that leads to hair loss is reaction of the protein and pigmentation in a different way, which not produces as much for the body and head.

Hair loss preventive treatment

Hair loss happening is the common notice you observe when you become older. Natural changes occur in the body are one of the reasons for this. These then relates to the amount of pigmentation, hormones and proteins that are being produced. If you are aging and recognize hair loss, you can be assured that it is a natural part of the aging process. The treatments for this is adding more protein to the diet or find a variety of supplements that can help you to age gracefully.

The affect of Aging and hair loss in men and women vary when it begins to happen. However, almost everyone experiences some hair loss with aging. The replacement of hair in the follicle of the scalp begins to slow down slower when you begin to age.


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