Great Tips To Activate Your Career Luck

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013


Having serious ambitions? Desiring to make it big in your career? Or simply just want to find a suitable and good job to start your career right now? You can definitely use Feng Shui to give your ambitions a boost. Good career feng shui usually manifests in the form of increased opportunities.

Be prepared to become a much busier person. It is important to realize this, otherwise you could well feel hassled by the sudden new scope your working life now takes. If you are a passionate about your work and are driven to push yourself further in your career, you will benefit tremendously when you activate your career luck.

Your hard work will start to reap dividends. Powerful bosses will notice you within your work space, and extra responsibilities will be heaped upon your shoulders. You will start to operate in a different league.

I remembered back in the days when I energized my career luck. It took off like a cheetah that I did not know if I was coming or going. That was the year when I made so many quantum leaps in my career, it scared me. So when you start energizing your career luck, do be prepared to be surprised.

Nonetheless, everyone wants to have prosperity in their career and by tapping on the wisdom of feng shui, it can really enhance your career luck and brings you to the next higher level of your career.

The CAREER CORNER is the NORTH of any residential building or personal space. Thus to get the most out of career feng shui, you should use feng shui methods to energize the NORTH corner of both your home, as well as your office.

Remember that at home, if the north corner is your bedroom, do not do anything inside the bedroom. Instead you should focus on activating the north corner of your living room.

However, if the north corner of your home is where you have the toilet, the consequences are inauspicious for the careers of residents. Try your best to close the toilet, and if you can, do not use it. If you were to ask me what should you do if you really cannot demolish or close the toilet, my best solution to you is to place a big boulder inside to press down the bad chi caused by the toilet.

One sure effective way to activate your career luck is to have a small aquarium filled with guppies in the NORTH wall or corner of both your living room at home, and in your office. Your aquarium should not be two feet lengthwise or less. I strongly recommend guppies because these small fishes are hard little creatures with stunning tail fins. They create very good yang energy because they swim vigorously. Simply get a whole school of guppies or other lively active fish and watch them swim strongly, creating strong career luck for you and your family!

On the other hand, you can also place turtles at the North corner of your home. A turtle is considered one of the most powerful symbols of good luck under the study of Feng Shui. My best advise is that a terrapin turtle should be placed in an aquarium in the northern corner of the house or office. The turtle is also considered as a protector and symbol of good luck and the happier and more active your turtle is the more your career luck will be activated.

However other considerations need to be kept in mind while placing any water body in your space and therefore Feng Shui also considers the general layout of the house and your personal kua number before suggesting any Feng Shui career tips.

The use of wind chimes can also increase your career luck tremendously. It is especially beneficial to a person who is running his own business. The business owner will benefit froma metal wind chime in the Western direction while an eight rod metal wind chime in the Southeast can represent wealth for the home and work place.

One important thing that you should take note when using wind chime is the material of the wind chime and the number of rods that is used. The direction to place the wind chime should also be chosen with great care.

Feng Shui career tips or even other aspects of implementing Feng Shui for any area of our lives should be carefully studied and only then applied to our lives. It is best to understand the principles and rules of applying Feng Shui before you start to activate your own career luck with feng shui.

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