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Dr. Purushothaman
January 25, 2014


Programs on Addiction counseling prepares one to work as counselors with people addicted to alcohol, gambling or substance abuse. Students learn to evaluate problems and set treatment plans. In this course, they also learn methods for prevention and early intervention.

People with addictions do something in excess that is not good and this includes taking drugs, gambling and drinking alcohol or even eating. These are powerful addictions and can result in harmful consequences such as divorce, job loss, severe illnesses and criminal activity.

Addiction Psychology relates to offering quality treatment services to addicts and this is done by overcoming lead productive lives and addictions. This also helps addicts in healing one physically and mentally, besides repairing damaged relationships.

Addiction counseling training is useful to counsel family members and friends affected by addiction. Such addiction counselors can work in prisons, schools or mental clinics. They are also the right people for psychiatric hospitals, private practice and halfway houses. There are counselors teaching courses and focusing on preventing addiction.

Apart from the counseling program, one can take psychology courses, addiction theory and counseling. Studying different addictions and its relation to mind, emotion and body helps in counseling. Learning to diagnose addiction, running therapy sessions and creating treatment plans are some of the must to be learnt programs.

Associate degrees and certificates are one or two year courses. Typically, a bachelor's degree is for four years and the master's degree takes two additional years.
Psychology addiction is to obtain a degree in psychology to cure addiction. This denotes the end of an academic track. This is a specialization and people having this degree are experts in that particular area. Earning a doctoral degree as alcohol abuse counselor or drug counselor takes many years of research.

A doctorate student is expected to write protracted thesis. Having a PhD in psychology counseling expands professional opportunities. This helps in achieving effective behavioral, cognitive and systematic changes in improving lives. The universities offering degrees are Walden University, Capella University and Argosy University.

A counselor's occupation is a rewarding job and has no boundaries. It can be pursued in all types of environments. Many become university or college professors, while others focus on treatments and developments for addiction. However, there is good demand for qualified part timers as well.

The advantages of acquiring a PhD in addiction counseling are many such as to take up jobs at college centers and university, health care and rehabilitation facilities, businesses, higher education institutions or they also open private consulting practices.
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