Five Addiction Treatment Options

Dr. Purushothaman
September 1, 2013

Addiction is a very hard problem for many people to deal with daily. Many families deal with it and it's many problems. When a person who is addicted to drugs decides to change their life and begin the road to recovery and depending on the severity of the addiction there are different options for types of treatment centers.

The five best treatment options available for a person going through recovery for drug dependence consists of:

1) Group counseling
2) Personalized inpatient rehab
3) Aftercare
4) Individual counseling
5) Therapy

Group counseling is ideal because it allows an individual to communicate with other people going through the same things. This treatment option can be either daily or weekly and the individual will ask if he or she wants to talk about their problems, but is not required to. The purpose of group counseling is to allow a person to open up and learn how to overcome their addiction to drugs on their own terms.

Personalized inpatient rehab is one of the five best treatment options because it gives a person the chance to make their rehab process all about them and what makes them most comfortable throughout the recovery process. Personalization of the program will help a person open up and they will feel comfortable therefore having a higher chance at recovering over their addiction to drugs.

The aftercare aspect of rehab is just as important as any other of the five best treatment options. It gives a person the added time that they may need to recover from their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Aftercare can include counseling, therapy or even living inside of a halfway house during your transition to life without addiction.

Individual counseling will help a person open up on a personal level with an addiction counselor. He or she will be able to talk one on one and get input about their addiction and how to safely overcome it without changing the good aspects of that person's life.

Therapy is a stage in the addiction treatment program where a person can learn ways to say no to drugs, learn skills to excel in their careers, and obtain knowledge about drugs or alcohol so that they can use that prevent relapse.

The five best treatment options listed above can help any person overcome their specific addiction. For more information about the five best treatment options and drug addiction rehab centers seek a addiction treatment professional today.

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