Family Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Family can be called as a basic unit of a society. Family is usually formed by marriage, blood relations or by adoption. It shows a single household.
Every family has its own problems. No family is perfect. Each and every family has its own strengths as well as weaknesses. Often, families face endless challenges lining up, which can cause stress and tension in the minds of its members. Problems in a family include fight between siblings, teenage problems, difference of opinions among the partners, children losing their peace of mind due to the conflict between parents, parents having trouble with children, financial problems , loss of job, addiction, mental or physical illness, and lots more. Luckily, many of the problems in a family have solutions. The only thing is that the members must have the patience to go to the root causes of the problem and find solutions to them.
The common family problems and their solutions:

The Communication Gap Between Family Members

Most of the problems in family arise just because the members do not succeed to communicate effectively with each other. Sometimes, there may not be any kind of communication at all. Both grown-ups as well as children must develop methods to explain everything to the other members of their family. Their expectations, needs and their troubles must be conveyed to the co-members, other than waiting for another person to read their minds. Make the other members listen to your problems and your ideas. In order to avoid conflicts, one must try to convey ideas patiently and calmly. Sharing with one’s family members can to an extent solve problems and give relief to the person’s mind.

Conflicts with In-laws and relatives

Most of the families find trouble with dictating elders mostly in-laws or any other relatives who try to decide on how a family must move one. These dictators often create unnecessary problems to its members and thus the peace of the family is lost due to their unnecessary interference. Solving this problem is not an easy one. But when the husband and wife try to sort out solution to this problem, things can work out easily. Financial decisions as well as other major decisions must be made by the spouses jointly. Interference of an outside force has to be thus controlled. For making this come true, both the spouses must be united in every way. Sharing of control can also indirectly act as a factor which paves the way for respecting each other.

Disagreement over money problems

In most of the families, money is the main cause for conflicts. Money is a factor which indirectly controls the whole family. The one who earns more indirectly gets the whole power. In short, money can act as a source of power even in families. If disputes arise regarding money or its use, make sure the spouses act and take decisions together. Deciding together over a matter can mean sharing of control and respecting each other. Thus conflicts can be avoided if there is togetherness among spouses.

Directing career of kids or spouse

Directing a child towards a new career path often leads to differences of opinions among the parents and kids. Most parents want their children to move into a career chosen by them. Here, the dreams and tastes of the child are not taken into account. This can lead to disputes among parents and kids. There can be problems even when one of the spouse’s decides on the career of the other. Deciding over the career path of the partner without taking into account his/her choices can also create problems. Any grown up has the right to choose their career path. The control of the other family member can usually cause disputes in the family. Give respect to the other person’s choice and give complete support to it.

Problems from teenager

Teenage is a period in a child’s life where the child goes through a period of putting initial steps to the world of independence. But during this period, the child is still under the parents’ guidance. Problems rise up when the child tries to act as a grown up and reacts for every situation in a bad way. Being angry to the child can only make matters worse. Misbehaving to others is the main problem during teenage, when they tend to show that they are grown up too and that no one has the right to control them. The solution to this problem is that the parents have to be patient enough to make the child understand about being good to others and also considering the child as an independent individual. Guidance in a proper way can make parents handle the situation well.

Sibling disputes

Two or more children in a family can result in constant disputes and arguments. Disputes among siblings which are frequent can cause tough time for parents. Handling such situations is not an easy task. Parents must be wise enough to handle dispute without favoring any one child. Strict measures for bringing discipline in the house have to be made practical at the earliest.

Financial problems

Financial problems in families can affect its members very badly. Debts and adjustments due to low income can create feeling of frustration in each member. Better financial planning can help in diffusing financial problems.
The problems in a family can be sorted out if the spouses understand each other and if they have the ability to take things in the right sense. Misunderstanding and misinterpreting things can lead to chaos and confusion in the family.

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