Extreme Acceptance

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

Everyone has their set of strengths and weaknesses. All we need is a little self-improvement, and to look at things differently.

Focus on your positive qualities. Use positive affirmations and tell yourself: "I have nice eyes!" or "I am a fantastic cook!" This will help strengthen your self-belief.
Learn to accept your negative traits, and turn it around into something positive. If you feel you are rather blunt in your conversations with people, think again and look at it this way: you are honest and forthright and like to get to the point.
Write down one nice thing about yourself and place it somewhere you can see and be reminded of often such as your fridge or PC monitor.
Praise yourself. Say "Well done" at least once a day about something that you have accomplished.

Love your body

Your body is just as important as your mind. When your body feels good, you will naturally feel good too. So, do not underestimate the importance of your physical health.

Maintain your physical health by eating well. Choose healthier food, have a balanced diet, and drink lots of water.
Keep your fitness level up with exercise. Do something physical everyday, such was walking, jogging, dancing, gardening, or even bowling.
Rest well and get sufficient sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Do not let others put you down

We are often too easily affected by messages from the media and comments from people. To be truly happy with ourselves, we need to insulate ourselves from any negative vibes.

Do not let the media tell you that you are fat or unattractive. Accept how you look, and stop comparing yourself to that supermodel who has been airbrushed in the magazine. Learn to have a positive body image and to accept yourself for who you are.
Do no let criticisms bring you down. Even in the face of failure, always believe in yourself and your own abilities. One day you will prove the critics wrong!

Treat yourself the same as you treat your loved ones

We often take care of our loved ones and protect them from harm. But it is important to do the same for yourself too.

Be kind to yourself. Learn not to be so harsh on yourself. Learn and grow from your mistakes. We all make mistakes from time to time. Be patient as you learn to improve yourself.
Accept compliments from others and feel better about yourself.
Give yourself a treat from time to time. Pamper yourself with a massage, or buy yourself a special gift that you have always wanted. Dress up to feel good and confident.

Each person is unique with special qualities. Appreciate and accept yourself for who you are as you are special in your own ways.

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