Do you know the Strength & Weakness In Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
March 3, 2019

Strength are task and action that you can do well. Most of the people use this strength to complete work and for achieving their goals. But some others use their strength more to degrade themselves to a lower level than they deserve. I will explain something about strength through a story.
It is a story of a 12 year old boy who lived in Japan. His name was Jocy. He was very fond of studying Judo. After making so many request his parents admitted that, and they agreed to join him in a Judo class. On the way to meet Judo master their car spun out of control and went off the road. His father and mother got seriously injured. But our little hero lost his left arm. After returning from the hospital, he again started forcing his parents to make him join in Judo. But they disagreed that, because he was the only son for them and they don’t want to see him bearing pain. But his interest in Judo forced parents to do. He joined Judo. After 3 to 4 months the boy felt he just improved a lot. But after a few days he noticed one thing, he knows only one move. He didn’t understand why after three months of training the master had taught him only one move. He asked the master “why don’t you teach me more moves?”. The reply of the master was “This is the only one move that you know, but this will be more than enough for you when you are encountering anyone”. After several months, One day morning the boy came to know that he is going to his first tournament in Judo. Surprisingly, he won the first match. In the second match also same thing happened. But in the final match the boy almost faced his failure. There is a famous saying “Angels will come in the way with help and support for their dear hard workers”. Here also the same thing happened. came in the dress of referee - Yes referee called a “time-out”. As soon as he resumed the game he again felt that he is near to his failure. When the referee felt that the boy was about to hurt, he just stopped the match. But the master forced the referee to continue the game. Immediately after restart the opponent lost his guard. This was a serious mistake. The boy used this opportunity to pin up the opponent and at last of long struggles he won the match.
On the next day Jocy and his parents went to see the master. Suddenly the boy asked master, “How I won the match by knowing only one move”. The master replayed “there are 3 reasons for that. First of all - even by knowing only one move you pretended as the master in Judo. This shows your positive attitude towards your strength. Second- You had studied one of the most difficult move in Judo. Third and the most important thing which made you to win was -“Your left arm”. The boy surprisingly asked ‘how?’. The master replayed “To defend your move the opponent have to grasp your left arm”.
This story explains how a real weakness became the strength. In this case it was a real physical weakness. But 80% of people face unreal weakness in their life. We usually try to see our weaknesses more than our strength. Our strength is usually buried within our weakness. Whenever we try to explore our strength our weakness comes first. If you always want to show your strength, then always try to explore it, don’t make your weakness to cover it. It should be always open.
There is a saying that strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about. Please take a look around you, most of the people used to say that “I had done this, I had done that” and we used to believe them as strong person. About 70% of the population falls under this category. Actually, what they are doing is - they are just hiding next 20% heroes. They don’t need your precious gifts. They only need your positive words as a fuel to speed up their effort. Last 10% people take time to blame god for their weakness. The only thing I want to say is while showing your strength help others to uncover their strength.

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