Exercise for Seniors - An active life for active people, exercises to roll away the years

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Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Exercise for seniors, not a major aspect of the fitness industry is it? No. Unfortunately most fitness instructors don't consider the elderly good candidates for fitness. Luckily you and I know better.

Old school physical culture is the basis for modern fitness and health clubs, and yet its most valued and experienced practitioners are ignored or written off completely. I was the same once. I remember my grandfather, a great man, who in his time explored jungles people had never heard of, built walls bigger than giants and never missed a day of exercise in his life.

It wasn't exercise for seniors it was just exercise. In his eighties he didn't consider himself too old to not be active, and by god he wasn't. Everyday when I got home I'd find him leaving for his 4 o'clock walk. Away he'd go, out pacing and outlasting the young whippersnappers on the street running about. He'd just chuckle and laugh and keep going.

He was always a strong man. He worked hard everyday of his life and it showed. His arms were taught like layers of thick rope twisting and pulled hard. His posture was impeccable and his energy astounding. He was sharper and faster mentally than most college graduates who think they have all the answers. The reason ' he exercised every day without fail.

Exercise for Seniors is important. It strengthens the immune system, the internal organs, promotes better hearts and lungs. It keeps the mind sharp and the memory accurate, the bones strong and days enjoyable.

If you are a senior why don't you show the youth of today what real dedication is like and get back to exercise? If you are a son or daughter teach your parents the exercises on these pages and enjoy a nice relaxing break from the rush of modern life.

Every exercise for Seniors here can be performed at home with or without equipment. Many can be done form the comfort of your arm chair. Remember fitness and strength are two forms of freedom all of us can enjoy.

Where can you train?

Let's look at some of the ease places to apply isometrics exercise for seniors. You'll never have to leave your room. So lousy weather is no excuse. You don't need a gym membership and you don't need equipment. Remember you can find full animated instruction for these exercises on my website.

Your Bed ' Yep. You can get a great workout in bed, and is not what you are thinking. A little known fact for those that may be reading this, bed was where Bruce Lee began his workouts. It's true. Lying in bed Bruce lee went through a series of isometric stretches and olds to get the blood flowing to his muscles and energise and focus him for the day ahead. Take a tip from a legend, start your day the right way. Workout out the minute you wake.

Your Armchair ' I know, it's amazing. You can watch TV; listen to the radio, chat with friends and workout. Simple movements like pulling your legs in against the chair strengthens your hamstrings. Pulling in your arms while holding the armrest strengthens your back and lats. A minute of this and gets the muscles awake, strong and invigorate the body with little effort.

Your Door ' Next time you leave a room or get up to answer the door get in some strength training. Try pushing against the door with your arms to strengthen and tone your chest and triceps. Push up on the top of the door frame to work your shoulders.

Most senior citizens have access to a bed, a chair and a door frame. That's all you need and few minutes of your time to improve your strength, fitness and energy levels with isometric exercise for seniors.

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