Energy Healing Therapy Heals Physically and Spiritually

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Energy healing therapy brings great change in how we look at ourselves and relate to our inner potentials. It is a process of spiritual awakening due to which people can clear off all blockages and diseases to become healthy and sound individuals.
Energy healing is a spiritual method of bringing change in the life of people living in pain. It brings a deep change in how we look at ourselves, the world and the all powerful God. This is a spiritual healing that brings great changes in people and lifts them on higher planes so that they can see things from a new perspective.
This therapy of energy healing shows itself in bringing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes in individuals. The changes become profound and noticeable after some days of practice, though initially they are subtle and can only be felt by the person. It brings spiritual awakening as the body starts to change from a state of physical sickness to recovery. As this happens, it is a clear indication of spiritual awakening. Another aspect of change that it brings in people is emotional calmness.
This healing not just cures a person from physical ailments but also spurts emotional attachments and redefines a person’s life with unity and brotherhood. It happens in all spheres of interpersonal relationships, career growth, and spiritual growth. The person who mentors the healing is the spiritual leader and facilitator of this process. This person has the ability to see disciples in a much greater way than what apparently appears of them. He guides them through the various processes involved in energy healing and so does greater good to them wholeheartedly.
It is said that the healers are able to see the blocks in disciples’ body that are causing them problems. These blocks can be emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. The healer then takes steps and guides the disciple to remove the blocks. By regular healing practices they are brought to a balanced state from a diseased state. It may also sometimes require performing some austerities and puja, apart from breathing, exercising and meditating.
Energy healing therapy has great rewards for people who can’t find a way out to escape from their sufferings. Practicing this meditation technique invites a lot of attention from people who have tried all other possibility but failed to find a cure. It has great potentialities to bring changes in people who have lost in the game of life. The process cures diseases, boosts confidence and makes one morally strong. All fear and emotional outbursts can be controlled by practicing energy healing method of cure. It is open for all age group people and there can be no complaints after embracing this practice.

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