Energy Healing -- Is It For Real? What is it?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Energy healing? What is it really? Well it does not mean that the patient is connected to electrical cables and given little shocks to get their heart pumping again. Energy healing is not a title for a rehab group who have suffered a heart attack after getting their electricity bill.

Energy healing does not mean we will be using energy to heal the planet, that all the energy we have wasted and plundered will be replaced by god, either.

Energy healing is a way to be healed through bio-energy, or chi, which is invisible, can not be measured, and the concept of which in terms of Chinese medicine can not even be explained as to where it comes from, who invented it, or what it really is.

The point is: it works.

Doctors in China will swear by it. The results are phenomenal, so they do not question its origins. The incredible chi gong energy healing system was developed over thousands of years of observing nature, and does seem to be closely related to these patterns. Which makes sense, as we are part of the great cycle of life, and the universe too.

Everything is connected. And everything is apparently run by chi, which is healing energy.

This energy, however, is not actually healing energy at all. Its simply the energy that is everywhere and makes things run. We get sick because this energy, that is everywhere, no longer flows through us like it should.

So when we are healing people with energy you are actually unblocking the meridians that let the energy flow. And then they get well again.

So energy healing should be called energy unclogging. With a big boost of chi, or a gradual increase of chi transmissions, we unclog the chakras, and then the energy flows again and we are healed. This is how its done.

The great thing is that anyone can unclog with energy. Unclogging blockages is not that hard to learn. The best modern energy healing energy is called White Light of the WhiteLight self-Empowerment system. This system works with chakras, and is perfect for unclogging them. You can use it for yourself, or for others.

Chi must flow, and not stop flowing. If it stops completely there can be no life. WhiteLight will help you to keep everything flowing and operating at the highest level of efficiency. It is like the pure, refined, fluid that flushes out the system in your motor and keeps it well oiled into the future. Go for it!

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