Emotional mastery by avoiding these mistakes

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

One of the hardest things to do for a lot of people is to control their emotions and keep going even though they don't feel like it in the heat of the moment. When you start learning how to control your emotions you will always be in control of your actions and you will no longer be at the mercy of your mood or emotions at the given time.
Normally people are not in control of their emotions and they are constantly reacting to external circumstances. Average people's emotions are constantly being affected by the external world and even though this can be a good thing if you are having a lot of success, you have to remember that you will always come to have bad days in your life too.
If your mood and emotions are run by external circumstances and your willingness to take action is run by your mood, you are not heading in the right direction and it will become very hard to succeed in life.
In this article I am going to discuss some of the mistakes people make when it comes to controlling their emotions and hereby constantly working towards success. By learning to avoid these mistakes you can be 100% sure that you will reach your goals in life as nothing can stop you.
The first mistake a lot of people make when it comes to controlling their emotions is that they listen too much to their emotions. Feelings are temporary and can change within a couple of seconds, if you constantly have to listen to them and change your course because of them, you will never succeed in mastering any area of your life.
The next mistake people make is that they don't know how to change their emotions in the matter of seconds. The easiest way to immediately change your emotions is to change your physiology and body language. Try changing your body language radically and putting a big smile on your face, doing this will quickly change your emotions and suddenly you will feel like taking action again. It is important to take action immediately when you feel this state change, as it can quickly turn back to the old state again within a couple of seconds.
Avoid doing these mistakes and you will quickly see an improvement in your ability to control your emotions.

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