Emotional Acceptance

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

Every individual is worthy of love and respect regardless of others’ opinions; your reality is what you make of it. If you have a hard time knowing this and accepting yourself, you can benefit by inviting meditation into your life. Meditation can be used to create self-love and acceptance. Only with self-love will you be able to be your true self and experience true happiness.

If you lack self-acceptance, it is because you are disconnected from your spiritual center. Meditation is a means to bond with this center and discover that it is perfect, stable, and always waiting to bring you peace and joy. This makes meditation a great tool in the development of a stronger sense of self-love, helping you to accept yourself as you truly are; someone that is beautiful, kind, and strong.

With proper meditation you will be able to create a new positive image of yourself, one that reflects who you are inside and accepts all of your so-called strengths and weaknesses. With complete acceptance, you will find you have no weaknesses, because all of your qualities can be used for the higher good of yourself and others.

You will also find that loving and accepting yourself today is by no means stopping you from growing and evolving as a person. It is a proven way to get from the point of damaging low self-esteem to genuine humility and self-acceptance, which is true peace.

Through the power of meditation you will realize you are a great person; unique, talented, and capable of wonderful things. Learn to love yourself first, accept who you are, and then finally work on the flaws that are achievable. By accepting yourself, you create the conditions in which you can love and accept yourself and live in harmony with the world.

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