Eight Powerful Selling Tips

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


In this article I will briefly discuss selling and give you some powerful selling tips. Even if you do not think you are selling something and do not need any selling tips, please bear with me and continue to read. Selling is not always what you normally refer to or thinks about.
Have you thought of that whether you work with direct sales or not, you actively work with sales every day in you life. As a child you sold yourself so your parents and friends should like what you said and did. In the teen years you sold yourself and your ideas to create relationships and networks to support you in life.
As an adult you sell yourself to your partner, to your children (if you have any), to get a job or to someone buying your products or services. Nevertheless, many of my clients claim they cannot sell, which you now realize is not true. Obviously everybody sell themselves in someway, although we might not think of it as selling.
Now when you know that everybody sells themselves in some way, we can take a look at what kind of selling that actually works. The classical sales person with a big mouth, pushing the foot inside the door, sells things ON people, does not work in the long run. The key is to offer something that is interesting enough to attract the customer wanting them to buy what you have to offer. You shall not manipulate people, but instead making them an OFFER, where the customer makes a choice if they want to buy or not. Remember to mention all benefits to the customer. Not the functions of the product or service but how the product or service you sell helps the buyer. What is in it for them? What are the benefits that makes his or hers life better? Rather simple, do you not agree?
How come so many people fail in selling to an extent where they are never satisfied?
Below you will get eight powerful selling tips that can help you next time you sell something.
Powerful Selling Tips:
1. Offer a product or service that already is in demand, or has a great potential to be in demand
2. Do not sell, make an offer instead
3. Offer solutions to the customer, not only a product or service
4. Aim at making the customer satisfied
5. Your compensation is an acknowledgement of how the customer values your product or service
6. If you are not satisfied with the compensation, adjust your offer so your customer is willing to pay more or buy more
7. Remember that your thoughts and feelings about yourself affect your offer attractiveness.
8. Make sure everybody is a winner in the deal
Here comes an extra advice: After you have sold something, congratulate the buyer to what he or she has bought. This strengthens their beliefs of that they made a good decision buying from you.
Good Luck!

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