Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) - Would You Like A Simple Process For Attracting Abundance?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013


Emotional Freedom Technique

Welcome to the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is commonly referred to as EFT.

It has been gaining popularity around the world. There are more and more consultants using it to address the emotional, physical, and financial issues of their clients.

Originally discovered by a psychologist in the 60's, it was used to calm the anxiety issues of his patients. Today, it is being used for a wide range of issues, including emotional, physical, and financial.

It involves tapping on specific areas of the body. EFT has been referred to as non-invasive acupuncture. But its uses go beyond traditional acupuncture.

So does it work?

When something works, you can see its use becoming more and more widespread. That is what is happening with the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is now being used by millions in countries throughout the world.

I have a website which provides information on the use of the Law of Attraction. I became aware of the Emotional Freedom Technique because it fits so well with the Law of Attraction. In fact, the EFT consultant, that I use, specializes in combining the two to create a life of abundance. I recently did a Google search on her and saw that were in excess of 4 million searches on her alone. She is one EFT Master of thousands.

On my website I provide information on the history of EFT. As well, I provide background information on the consultant that I use.

Why do the Law of Attraction and the Emotional Freedom go hand in hand? The reason is that one of the greatest barriers to using the Law of Attraction is releasing doubts, fears, and wants. These are issues that EFT has proven to be extremely effective in addressing.

By tapping specific points on the body, resistance to abundance seems to melt away. What is resistance?

Say to yourself that you are wealthy. Now, if your internal response or feeling to that is that it is not true, you have just experienced resistance.

The use of the Law of Attraction involves having an internal feeling of wealth. Said another way, you have to be in vibrational resonance with that which you desire.

If you want more information on what that entails you can visit my website. For now, the point that I wish to make is that you cannot attract wealth if you do not believe you can. The Emotional Freedom Technique dissolves your inability to accept wealth into your life.

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