Effects Of Anti Ageing Products

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Beauty and youth do not last for long. But very few of us are ready to accept this fact and end up using various anti-aging products which hardly do any good to us. During young age, skin is elastic and flexible due to the regular production of the skin cells which get abundant supply of nutrients and moisture. But as we start getting older and cross 30s our skin will begin losing elasticity and flexibility due to slow production of skin cells and collagen. Lack in production of the collagen and skin cell results in appearance of signs of skin ageing like:
Fine lines around eyes, lips and chin.
Sagging of skin
Appearance of dark patches.
Dryness and dullness of skin
Dry patches with itching
Growth of unwanted facial hair
Skin ageing is caused by two types of factors-intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic factors are the internal factors or age related factors. You cannot control this ageing process because it is natural and it will happen no matter how severe steps you take. Hereditary plays a great role in this so you should consider the age when your parents started showing the ageing signs, if you think your skin is ageing before the actual process.
Extrinsic factors are the external factors which are mainly responsible in early ageing signs. Generally ageing is caused by the regular process of age but sometimes it can be before the time real ageing process starts. Sun exposure is the number one cause of the skin ageing which generally occurs in people who spend too much in harsh sunlight. Sunrays are composed of various rays like ultra violet rays and Gama rays. Ultra violet rays have severe effect on our skin as it triggers the growth of free radicals. Collagen which is important for maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the skin is attacked by the free radicals resulting in the ageing of skin which can be treated by antiaging crème or any other anti ageing product.
If the skin is ageing because of the extrinsic or external factors then it can be reversed or stopped. Anti ageing products are of great help in this task if chosen correctly. You should not apply or intakes anti ageing products which have carcinogenic chemicals present in them like DEA. Such carcinogenic chemicals can give rise to free radicals and cause cancer production in the cells. You should only use natural products like cosmetics.

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