Effective Soft Skills: The Key to Professional Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

Due to effect of globalization the whole world has become a global market and as a result of this, every professional is facing new challenges in communication. In the present globalized world if a professional is not adequately equipped with required soft skills, he will surely lose out. Hence, it is incumbent upon all the professionals of the day to have sound knowledge in Soft skills so as to be successful in their career. The present article of mine focuses the significant skills that the professionals should have and develop as quickly as possible.

1. Effective Speaking Skills: A professional should need good and effective speaking skills to be successful in his academic and professional pursuits. By having effective speaking skills it is very easy to get the work done within no time and also augment our relationships with others.

2. Leadership Skills: To remain successful in the present cut-throat competitive world, a professional must also have good leadership skills such as - adaptability, analysis, self-confidence, decision making, initiative, problem solving etc. With these mentioned qualities a professional will definitely create a very good impression in the minds of his employers.

3. Team Management Skills: Team management skills are viewed another very important skill for professional success. The employers of big MNC’s are eagerly searching for the right candidates those who can work in a team-oriented environment. Difficult and impossible tasks will be easily accomplished with the whole effort of the team.

4. Good Listening Skills: One cannot become a good communicator unless one is a good listener. By listening more actively what the other person is trying to say, a professional student can be more productive. He will better understand assignments and also what is expected of from him by the employers of his company.

5. Handle Criticism: Handling criticism is not easy as we all have egoism. It is really a challenging task to handle criticism. But we must not forget one thing i.e., without being criticized by others we may not know what is our status and capabilities. Taking a positive attitude towards criticism will bring you success.

6. Good Motivation Skills: Motivating yourself and also others is one more very significant skill that the employers are looking in a candidate. One can sort out the misunderstandings and conflicts that are arisen among the people if one possess good motivation skills with him. Hence the corporate companies expect these skills from a professional.

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