Develop Soft Skills for Career Success

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

With impeccable industrial skills and up-to-date technical repertoire, you are set to search a job; but is that sufficient?

For any interview, a number of candidates turn up, who are qualified enough for the job, but only one, or few are selected. Apart from the qualifications, a person also requires various soft skills in order to acquire and keep a job. Given the cutthroat competition of today, being the best in your field requires a mixture of practical expertise as well as strong communication and body language.

Successful people are not born so, they work towards it. Similarly, one has to develop the various soft skills to face and tackle career challenges. Many institutes offer Soft Skill Development Programs and Behavioral Training Programs to help you attain that.

The conventional style of management and leadership is a passe. Corporate management today is much more proactive, stressing on the need for better communication, teamwork, and social bonding. Corporate Learning Programs are a big help for anyone wishing to learn soft skills like business etiquette, communication skills, time management, and other such interpersonal skills.

So what are the soft skills one needs to posses for a successful career growth?

Soft skills are broadly categorized into linguistic, logical, spatial, kinesthetic, etc. A well-groomed person is one who possesses all these qualities and applies them when and where required.

• Linguistic: Communication is the basis of all corporate functions. Whether it is building rapport with colleagues, writing official mails, drafting a presentation, public speaking, or putting forth your ideas during a meeting, nothing can be accomplished without proper and precise communication. Corporate Training Programs aiming at developing linguistic skills utilize various exercises and interactive activities to help people shed inhibitions and learn to communicate confidently.

• Logical: Decision making, time management, problem solving - aren’t these quintessential skills for handling day-to-day office work? Logical-mathematical intelligence helps us to tap our analytical brain and perform tasks in a much better way. It is important to enroll in a Corporate Learning Program to learn how you can use logic to perform better.

• Spatial: Why do we spend hours in front of the mirror, combing our hair, changing dresses after dresses? Because, presentation matters a lot. Same applies to your work as well. Presentation skills are a must-have for any career-oriented person. Learn how to make effective and precise presentations and proposals. Utilize visual aids to lend an aesthetic sense.

• Kinesthetic: This skill helps you perfectly transfer your thoughts into actions. This skill is essential for engineers, designers, writers, etc. Behavioral Training Programs will train you into developing kinesthetic skills and utilizing them optimally.

Your work experience and knowledge is reflected in your resume, but your soft skills are reflected in your personality. Developing your soft skills will contribute a long way in helping you gain success.

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