Create Soft Skills Training Material with our Training Objects - Easy & Inexpensive

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

Soft Skills Trainers! Finally we have made content creation simple for you.

We as seasoned trainers know that conducting the training is the easiest and most enjoyable part of training. Very few trainees understand the hard work that went on behind the scenes to create the soft skills training material - doing the needs analysis, content development and customization of modules to match the needs of the client. All this seems simple compared to the final work of finding activities to make the learning fun and experiential. This last exercise is what holds the participant captivated and contributes greatly to learning.

What if you had high quality, customizable soft skills training material that is readily available to you?

Keeping your best interests in mind, we have put our vast expertise into use by developing Training Objects that will make your work much simpler and deliver value to your training process.

What are Training Objects?

Training Objects are compact nuggets of instructional information on several objectives pertaining to the development of people- and leadership-skills.

Our reusable and customizable Training Objects help in reducing your content development time by atleast 50%. In today's situation of global recession where companies are going 'lean' and the accountability on each individual looms large, our Training Objects can surely translate to increased productivity.

Our Training Objects function well as standalone modules and can also be used in combination with other modules.

Each Training Object can also be used for multiple modules. For e.g. our Training Object named 'Eye for Detail' can be used to train participants on Communication, Listening, Customer Service, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking.

What do our Training Objects contain?

They include games, activities, exercises, case studies and simulations that help enhance skill-sets in a specific area.

Most of our Training Objects include:

'Facilitator Guide' that contains extensive information that enables the trainer to teach the concept addressed in this Training Object

'Participant Guide' essentially serves as a workbook and participants can have it as a reference guide that they can refer to at a later time

'Participant Handout' is provided for those Training Objects that participants should not see the information in the Participant Guide before the activity

Use our Training Objects and make your program a tremendous success. Our Training Objects will seamlessly fit into your workshop design. Each one greatly varies in complexity and caters to a wide variety of audiences and topics.

We guarantee the effectiveness of each one of our Training Objects that have been designed by us with immaculate care and contain the high standards of quality that we believe in. More importantly, they have been used by us extensively in our corporate trainings and have been perfected through all our learning from the various programs.

Many organizations have benefited from the purchase of our training objects and have established immense value to their employees. It is time that you did too!

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