Career Option: Turning Point for Young

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Career in one of the most important aspects for everyone and one cannot make a mistake with wrong choice. Choosing the right option is very confusing to most of the people. Perhaps, the most intelligent and bright people are really in great confusion compared to the other people. Several career options are blooming day by day creating a lot of confusion among the youngsters. We are living in the area where development has flooded over the past few years in almost every field. In this dynamic society and situation it is the youngsters who must come up with a clear-cut idea to look for a stable career.

How best a person can make his career choice? One best way to help youngsters is to increase clear-cut idea on the upcoming opportunities. This role has played well by the advanced placement course as well as by the online advanced placement courses. These courses have been predominant in giving a shape to the youngsters' career choice. However, the career choice as an option is still a challenge lying in front of tomorrow citizens. The research in Indian subcontinent and other scientific studies have clearly proven that choosing a career option is one of the complex processes. The choice of career option is not only influenced by the intelligence of the person, but there are many other key factors such as socio-economic status, efficacy of the person, ability of the family, believing in the career, social beliefs and disbelieves, gender differences and so on. Thanks to the most of the advanced placement course and online advanced placement courses for clearing most of the doubts of the young people and for boosting their confidence levels to make a bright career choice.

In the context of European education, an individual must start assessing his interests and career option immediately after his 10th standard or else things get complicated. So, the hunt for career begins at a very tender age of 14-15 years and this is the age where adolescent struggle with his identity. But with respect to the western nations, the people can make a career choice when he or she is 17 or 18 years of age. Perhaps, this is the best age where one can think bit better. This type of education would definitely turn fruitful and helps in career development in a better fashion leading to good progression. Evidences proved that people in the west are more successful because of better choices at the right age.

Advanced placement course and online advanced placement courses have been greatly helping the young people and hope they do their greater services for the benefits of the people at a greater heights.

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