Business Cell Phone Soft Skills Needed Today

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

An important business soft skill to have today is proper cell phone etiquette. Cell phones are one of the focal points in business life today. Let's look at some interesting statistics gathered in 2012:
• 45% of businesses state wireless is essential to operations
• 2.27 trillion text messages were sent
• 1.1 trillion MB of data was used

Using your cell phone in business today is a necessity and it important to know the proper business cell phone etiquette. Here are 4 simple rules you should follow when using your cell phone for business.

1- Do not have non-business ringtones or photos
A lot of people use bits of songs that are offensive or just too loud. When your potential customer hears “gangster rap” lyrics coming from your phone, you will not leave a very good impression. Also, avoid inappropriate profile pictures or photos. With phones getting larger and larger and screens having better quality, it is easy for someone right next to you to be able to see your screen. That picture of your girlfriend in her skimpy bikini is not suitable for the work environment.

2- Keep your voice low
All new phones have such good connections and microphones that you should not have to talk loudly in order to be heard. The rest of the world does not want to hear your conversations. A good rule of thumb is to be at least 10 feet away from the nearest person when you are having a dialogue. You do not have to let everyone hear your calls.

3- Avoid taking calls or texting when you are in a conversation
If you are waiting for an important call, let the others know that the discussion may be interrupted, then make sure you apologize before taking the call. If possible, turn off your phone or send any communication directly to voicemail when in discussions with others.

4- Put your phone in silent mode when in meetings
A ringing phone always kills the communications cycle during a meeting. If you answer your phone and leave the room you will destroy the meeting flow. Since you were invited to the meeting it is obvious that you must be part of it, so do your best to avoid interruptions caused by your cell phone.

Cell phones are a mainstay of business life and you will be judged by the business world by how you use it. By using these 4 simple business cell phone soft skills, you will be perceived as a professional and increase your communications capabilities.

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