Benefits of Living a Simple Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


A simple life is a life that is free from extravagance, over-consumption and stuff. It involves different voluntary practices aimed at increasing one's possessions and self sufficiency. It is characterized by a culture of refraining from luxury as one tends to focus more on the needs rather than the wants. Let us see some of the benefits that come with living a simple life.

Health Improvement

By living a simple life, you relieve yourself from too much stress. Usually you'll tend to have a new look at things and it helps you to involve yourself with creative activities that contribute positively to your wellbeing. Living a simple life helps you find time for leisure activities, meditation and physical exercises. Hence as you can see this kind of a life is very beneficial to your body's health.

Time for social activities

Most people tend to focus too much on life issues until they forget to create sufficient time for their family and friends. This causes one to lose warmth and love in the presence of people close to you. Focusing too much on materialistic pleasures often causes you to be too immersed in pursuit of life pleasures at the expense of your social life. People who live a simple life often share enough time with their friends and family members.

Peace of mind

Living a simple life ensures that you avoid life stresses. People who choose this kind of life are able to create more emphasis on real factors that improve the quality of their lives. Take this for instance, if money was the source of happiness, then the happiest people in the world should have been our celebrities, tycoons and businessmen! Being simple allows you to focus on the positive things in life; things that tend to make you realize your full potential. People who live a simple life are able to avoid developing feelings such as egoism, greediness and negativity; you simply get to live your own life just the way you like it.

Care for the Environment

Simple living helps a lot in environmental conservation. This might seem strange but the truth of the matter is that; people who earn a simple life tend to be more oriented towards caring for their environment. For example, if all people were to earn a simple life and compromise a bit on their lifestyles, our environment could greatly be rescued from the impending risk of degradation. Take for instance that instead of everybody using a personal car to go for work, they opt to use public means of transport. A lot of fuel could be salvaged and hence our environment could be greatly saved. This is the power of simple living.


Living a simple life allows you to have a retrospective view of life situations. It helps you identify your strong points and your weak points in life. It helps you avoid pursuing materialistic pleasures. It helps you focus more on your strong areas in life. You are able to identify areas where you are capable of excelling in and areas where it would be very difficult for you to make it. In short simple living helps you to be happy and more satisfied with your life.

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