Anti aging skin care: your guide to the best wrinkle cream

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Okay, so you saw your first wrinkle and can't believe your eyes. If you're like me, you headed for the nearest drugstore and bought five different wrinkle creams. You are looking for and want the best wrinkle cream around. You've also noticed that there are numerous amounts of anti-aging skincare products. How do you know which is the best? Before you spend a fortune looking for the best wrinkle cream here's a guide to the most effective ingredients available today.

Leading anti aging skin care ingredients

The best way to know whether you are holding an effective wrinkle cream is to turn it around and look at the ingredients. Most anti aging skin care products don't have ingredients which have been tested to reduce wrinkles. They contain ingredients which condition and moisturize skin; this has little to do with reducing wrinkles. In order to find the best wrinkle cream your product should have anti aging ingredients. Key wrinkle reducer ingredients are Argireline, Matrixyl, and Retinol. Here's why:

Argireline ( acetyl hexapeptide-3)

Argireline is one of the best anti aging ingredients because it works to relax facial tensions that contribute to wrinkles. Similar to the effects of BOTOX® injections, argireline reduces wrinkles and lines by releasing muscle tension. However, argireline is superior because it can be applied directly on all your wrinkles. Botulinum toxin, on the other hand, has restrictions which allow for injections on limited areas of the face.

Because argireline can be applied anywhere on the face it delivers promising results for overall wrinkle reduction on the face. In fact, one study points to a 30% reduction in wrinkle size after only 30 days of using argireline or its generic equivalent, acetyl hexapeptide-3.

Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide-3)

Matrixyl is the trademark name for palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, one of the powerful peptide molecules found in anti aging skin care products. Matrixyl works by stimulating collagen production in skin. As you may know, lost collagen in aging skin contributes to fine lines and wrinkles. An increase of collagen makes all the difference to plump skin and smooth out wrinkles. Matrixyl is very powerful in that it promotes an incredible amount of collagen in the skin; so much that it can give BOTOX® a run for their money.

In fact, Matrixyl increases overall collagen synthesis by up to 117%. Studies on Matrixyl report that wrinkles were reduced by half and fine lines almost completely faded away. This is one ingredient that is a must in anti aging skin care products.

Retinol (retinyl palmitate)

Retinol functions as an antioxidant which speeds up cell turnover. This means old skin cells will be replenished at a faster rate. In return, your skin will be younger looking and more vibrant. Retinol also has been observed to reduce the size of wrinkles. Look for retinol or other forms of retinol such as retinyl palmitate in wrinkle creams. This ingredient works to give your face an overall youthful glow.

Overall, key ingredients play a major role in finding the best wrinkle cream. Look for effective anti aging skin care ingredients such as Argireline, Matrixyl, and retinol. Soon you'll be smiling to yourself as you watch those wrinkles fade away!

“Anti aging skin care: your guide to the best wrinkle cream” Learn what it takes to be the best wrinkle cream and how to know whether you have one. Read about must have anti aging ingredients and why these are crucial to finding the best wrinkle cream around.


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