Adolescents Anxiety – Often Times Teenagers Are At A Higher Risk For Serious Anxiety Problems

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

serious anxiety problems

Adolescence is a very difficult time in a persons' life; just being that age, going through puberty, and all of the social pressures are enough for any teenager to handle. But, it's important to realize that teens are also at a higher risk then the general population for developing serious anxiety problems.

Although folks in the medical community don't always agree as to why teenagers are a high risk group, some evidence points to the fact that it may have to do with hormones and hormonal fluctuations. Hormones are extremely powerful substances with the ability effect every system in our body's including our brain and our nervous system. It's these very bodily systems that panic attacks and anxiety problems get started, so it certainly makes sense that hormones could be the culprit.

Adolescents anxiety problems vary as much as any other populations problems will, from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), to stress induced anxiety, to a form of anxiety known as Social Anxiety. All of these conditions are similar in nature and are loosely grouped together. In essence, these distinctions are simply a way for doctors and psychologists to group and analyze things more closely; however these conditions are basically the same thing.

Many natural doctors and health practitioners believe that the root cause of adolescents anxiety, no matter the form, is due to the exact same imbalances in the brain and the nervous system, and that treating these imbalances through natural therapies developed specifically for anxiety problems will treat and cure a teenager's anxiety issues entirely.

These types of natural anxiety treatments have worked for me personally, and I have seen them work for many others. Having had first-hand experience, I truly believe that this is the answer that we're all searching for.

While it would be impossible to go into depth about all of the natural therapies that exist, I'd like to talk a little about a branch of natural anxiety therapy that has really helped me and many others. It's called cognitive behavioral therapy or cognitive brain training. And although I don't exactly fully understand how it works, I'm so thankful that it does.

Basically what cognitive training teaches us to do is harness the power of our brain and quickly learn how to actually shut down a panic attack and prevent future panic attacks through special mental techniques and methods. I find that these techniques are invaluable for anxiety and panic, and although they are just one piece of a larger natural therapy treatment plan I do believe that learning this is essential to a full recovery and complete cure.

Other anxiety therapies that everyone should be learning include cleaning up our diets, cutting out caffeine and alcohol as much as possible, exercising regularly, leaning how to truly attain deep sleep, learning deep belly breathing, and learning progressive relaxation techniques. Even taking massages and using a sauna or hot tub regularly is helpful.

Anything which relaxes the body, and activates our parasympathetic nervous system should be included in your anxiety therapy. Learn as much as you can, and employ a comprehensive strategy in treating adolescent anxiety, and you'll see a fantastic result.

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