Achievement: A State of Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

Each of these catch words connotes a new, and often troubling, set of feelings in your psyche when you realize how far you believe you fall short in fulfilling their definitions. And, after all, isn’t that what we are taught to value?

From childhood on, we are asked what we want to “become” when we “grow up”. We are praised for our ability to manage our time well to achieve the lofty goals that our schooling, parents, religions and society literally command us to embrace. When we turn to look around us for, perhaps, a better way, we see our peer group incorporating these self-same ambitions into their frame of reference for what life “is all about”. And, so, in the desire to be accepted and to “succeed in life”, we teach ourselves to multitask, taking on much more than we can competently accomplish in one day and fall exhausted into bed each night. Often, this lifestyle leads us to the dis-ease that we term as illness rather than realizing how much we have been taught to be ill at ease with our own biology.

Yet, where are we to go? How are we to know that which is the truth of our own desires when so much of what we believe, speak and do is conditioned by the very environment around us. No matter our belief system regarding how we got here, we hope there must be something that is foolproof, that has the answers for the questions of how to live with ease, joy and prosperity – and there is!

In the center of the human body, connected to the brain which multitasks naturally, is the organ of personal truth – the heart. This is not a romantic notion nor is it a spiritual theory based on the “warm fuzzies”. It is scientific, proven and being used in a round of institutions, schools of thought and classes throughout the world. It simply is not something that hits the daily press with any regularity.

The heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times greater and the electrical field 60 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain. It has the ability to entrain all organs of the body to its vibrational frequency including the DNA and genes. The brain relies on the wavelengths emitted by the heart to create cortical facilitation that allows the cortex of the brain to evaluate experiences and promote the appropriate responses. When the rhythms of the heart are jagged or irregular, the brain experiences cortical inhibition and cannot perceive, think and consequently act in a desirable manner. Vibrational entrainment with the heart’s frequency is optimal to creating a coherent frequency wavelength.

What does this mean? It means that concentration on the heart, really paying attention to what the heart is saying to be, to do, to think and to speak creates entrainment of your entire experience. Entrainment is defined as the act of drawing along with oneself. When the body (including its DNA, the foundation for life) and the brain (processing the thoughts of the mind) are entrained with the heart (the strongest electromagnetic organ in the body), a state of inner peace is achieved. The brain is able to think more clearly (cortical facilitation). A coherent frequency wavelength is reached within your whole experience of your day; that is, all is in the flow of your desires, the true urging of your heart and the Universal Law of Attraction (like attracts like) is accommodated in the most perfect way for you.

Feelings and e-motion (energy in motion) go hand-in-hand. E-motion is neutral (neither good nor bad) and contains only the positive or negative significance you assign to it. The brain/mind may look for that which is familiar and attempt to place all unfamiliar interactions into a more comfortable context through the energy of emotion. Emotion is personal and relative to the person experiencing it. There is no definition of “no” in the Universe. If attention is placed upon an interaction, more of the same will be created until the focus is shifted. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction and it is within this framework that the universe, as we know it, works.

What are your daily thoughts and feelings? Where is your attention placed? Do you know that you can actually change the focus of your DNA by your daily thought patterns? Do you realize that your belief system literally rules what you experience everyday in every way?

All of these questions and their answers are available to you through listening to the yearnings of your heart, doing a bit of personal research and, most applicably, living your life as you FEEL it is to be lived rather than how you have been trained it SHOULD be lived. Trust your heart. Assign your thought patterns to it. Find a sense of appreciation for everything you experience and watch that awareness make you more aware of your ability to truly create your life – exactly as you want it to be.

Time Management and multitasking are keywords in today's cultural. Why do we feel that we fall so short in fulfilling their inner edict?

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