70 Interesting habits of successfull people

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Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

We are living in a world where success and failure are part and parcel of our life. But we as human beings always opt for success. In facts our motto should become a successful person in whatever area you are working. To become successful should be our dream in life. If we look around, we can see thousands and thousands of successful people all over the world. Really successful people are running this world. In our life also, we are really fascinated by the life of highly successful people. Do you think that success is only for some people? Do you think that you cannot lead a successful life? Do you think that you are always a failure? No! In reality each and every person in this universe can become highly successful if that person really wants. We should have an inner urge to become successful. In this situation the life, the habits, the approach and attitude of highly successful people act as a guiding force for everybody. We can understand and follow the path and ways they travelled. We had given below some of the very important and useful habits, programs and thinking pattern of various successful people, which I have collected and compiled, so that we can follow that path and we can also become successful in the Personal, the Professional & the Social aspects of life.
1. Successful people very easily pick up and work out on every opportunity that comes in their way.
2. Successful people always learn lessons from their errors and problems.
3. Successful people always focus on the end result and they don’t think about the What and Why.
4. They are highly systematic and methodical in their daily programs.
5. These people usually break their limiting beliefs.
6. They show the quality of fearlessness in life.
7. They are mostly emotionally well balanced.
8. They always keep a positive mental attitude.
9. They always ask the right question at the right time.
10. They never compare themselves with others.
11. They never complain about anything.
12. They never blame others when things go wrong.
13. They are always ready to work very hard.
14. They always do what others don’t do.
15. They don’t spend time unnecessarily.
16. They always focus on one thing at a time.
17. They always link to like-minded person.
18. They are always very fascinated and ambitious.
19. They always follow their passions.
20. They always give importance to their gut feelings.
21. They always maintain clarity of thought and action.
22. They always do what they say.
23. They are always transparent and truthful in their thought and actions.
24. The word laziness is absent in their dictionary.
25. They always follow other successful people.
26. They always help and support the needy person.
27. They are always consistence in their actions.
28. They are ready to take some risk in areas of life.
29. They take challenges as new opportunities in life.
30. They don’t depend on faith and destiny.
31. Successful people are always pro-active in all areas of life.
32. They understand better about their life and other’s life.
33. These people always communicate with others in a better way.
34. They planned their life very carefully.
35. They utilize all the resources available to them
36. They don’t spend unnecessary time in silly things in life.
37. They practise values and virtues in life.
38. They always lead a well-balanced life.
39. They give importance to discipline life.
40. They control their mind in a better way.
41. They are always generous and mindful to others.
42. They always lead a simple and humble life.
43. They are always soft spoken.
44. They always understand that life is changing.
45. They look after their physical body and keep it fit.
46. They understand that our mind is the most important thing in life.
47. They always accept and approve feedbacks and criticisms.
48. They keep away from the company of unwanted people.
49. They have a wider perspective in life.
50. They find happiness in what they are doing.
51. They read and write about Motivational Topics.
52. They don’t justify the failures they have made.
53. They find time to relax in between their daily work.
54. They start a program and work on it continuously it they finish it.
55. They find amazing possibilities in life.
56. They are always innovative and creative.
57. They always find good things in everything.
58. They believe that they can create their reality.
59. They are always good decision makers.
60. They understand the difference between True happiness and Simple pleasures.
61. They can differentiate between important and unimportant things.
62. They execute things carefully, peacefully and meticulously.
63. They know the value of money and how to use it properly.
64. They are always strong minded in all situations.
65. They always have an attitude of inner life.
66. They don’t spend time in unnecessary thinking, but they utilize the time in doing things.
67. They don’t worry about the past setbacks.
68. They planned for a flowering future.
69. They are ready to break their Comfort Zone.
70. They spend specific time for Prayer and Meditation.

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