5 Ways IT Professionals can Develop Soft Skills - Success Notes From Among The Soft Skills Experts

Dr. Purushothaman
December 7, 2013

IT (Information Technology) Professionals have found the need to develop soft skills - more than ever before! If you thought technical skills will only get you there - it's time to rethink. Here's with 5 easy, doable ways to develop your soft skills working in the It industry.

1. Proper explanation: If you are dealing with non-technical people, do not just use acronyms like SQL, DBMS, etc. Explain these terminologies with examples, diagrams, repeat until they are clear with your ideas. Also, you can provide real time examples for their clear understanding. In any general case, having some knowledge about the native language of the clients prior to meeting them will always be an added advantage while explaining and convincing them. This is the first step to develop soft skills in IT industry.

2. Reading: Try to read books and articles on a particular subject. These must be precise books on communications, leadership, networking etc, other than these, it also comprises event histories, biographies, and stories about earlier periods. For net savvy people; internet is also a very good option of reading which includes blogs, online newspapers, data search engines etc tremendously increasing the knowledge base as you develop soft skills as an IT expert.

3. Observation and plan: Observe people's mannerisms and gestures. Speak with people you admire most and ask them your queries. Try to implement the response they give you. After this, generate a panel of advisors to direct you on improving your soft skills. You can also, take on classes and actions to assist you develop these skills. Keep a plan by which you will develop these skills and monitor your growth. This includes, writing in a dictionary or maintaining a journal. At your soft skills courses in mumbai, we maintain specialized batches for IT professionals who have very specific soft skills training needs.

4. Recognition and implementation: Recognize your strength and weakness in soft skills. Find a coworker or your seniors to help you in recognizing if necessary. Be very open to their suggestions and try to implement them as soon as possible. Note down the flaws you recognized and choose the one that is most significant to the job you carry out. For an IT professional, this could mean improving more on their communications with sub-ordinates. Try to be an active listener and emphasize with others to grasp admiration. When talking with others , your voice, pitch and tone should be perceptible and comforting. It must not be hostile or in a shouting manner. Also, have a tone which is smooth and a tempo which is same from the start to end. Lo Behold! Your other IT counterparts might just get envious of your soft skills and abilities.

5. Workplace: Always dress in a professional manner to bring positive atmosphere in your workplace and personal life as well. Remember, positive image is important for a successful career. Religious and political interpretation should be avoided at all costs at the workplace, while you are in a team. While you speak with others try not to provoke other people.

Do not speak ill of others if you can help it. Always remember the adage, "what goes around, comes around". Find opportunities to frequently mingle with your colleagues and others. Don't just approach people while you require their help and support. Accepting responsibility will make you to stand apart from the mob. This will develop the leader in you as you imbibe soft skills as working in IT industrey

Try to spend more time with people who you feel very difficult to handle. Avoid thinking about your feelings but think of how those people will observe you. Try some different approaches with those people to check whether you can make successful rapport with them.

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