5 Healthy Living Tips For Middle Age People

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014


Studies show that life-style you follow will dramatically impact your health in your future. Here are some things you can change now in your life to make your senior citizen years living independent, comfortable and happy.
1. Educate yourself concerning exercise and diet.
Children are educated with proper exercise and diet in school. Adult should also keep themselves well educated with workout and eating to stay healthy. People lack knowledge about living a healthy life and the benefits it has for body, it takes years to create a strong, healthy body, and you
should maintain a healthy life to have a good relationship with partner too in long run. Start educating yourself through multiple reliable sources. Consult health consultant to make health improvement in your life.
2. Make a doctor Friend.
Most people have a love and hate relationship with our doctors, people mostly do not like visiting them and hate them for placing high amount bills in their hand. But you need them in your life. Best trick is to make a doctor friend. Doctors who will always advice you with right suggestion and you can put your trust in them, doctor would give your suggestion on how to be healthy and save your money on small health expenses.
3. Exercise with weights.
Men and women along with old people should do weight training. If you would like to resist aging and maintain your young days and have strong bones in your senior years, it is time to start lifting some weights in gym. It is always best to start under guidance of professionals, doing weight lifting without proper coaching can be danger. Compound movements with weights should be done in correct form; people should do this thrice per week which is ideal for staying fit.
Cardio Exercise with weight training is also importance for health. Cardio exercise improves endurance of heart. Adding fifteen to twenty minutes of low impact cardio every alternate day with weight training works wonders for your heart and facilitate in reducing body fat.
4 Focus on Nutrition Eating.
Protein, carbs, fat are require by body to stay healthy. Vitamins and minerals along with these three make muscle fill with good strength. Nutrition is neglected by many people, it is a mistake. Exercise without nutrition will not give good improvement in your health. Nutrition helps to fill the lacking vitamins and minerals in body. Our body needs them to keep functioning smoothly.
5 Get enough sleep and rest.
Sleep is one of the most important things in development of body in children as well as older people. We should train, eat, and sleep so our body can grow. Sleep refreshes our body to recover it from weakness, Doctors assures that people who are engaged in resistance weight training should have at least eight hours sleep per night. Men and women are spending day's working 24 hours sometime; sleeping is very necessary and it is left neglected. People should make it compulsory to sleep at least 8 hours to have a stress free life.
At the end, All 5 things mention are not difficult to follow, if you spend time following this factors, you will guaranteed follow a happy life in future.

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