20 Simple Truth about change

how can i change my life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Have you ever thought that the life be live is interesting, beautiful, but at the same time very mysteries and miraculous. Sometimes, we are astonished, exited and enchanted. But the same time you are put to a series of unresolving problems, miseries, sufferings and other setbacks. It is our prime duty to live in this world in the most effective and the practical way. Really, all of us want to lead a stress free, serele, balanced, happy and harmonious life. We all struggle for the same in one way or other, with varying results.
If we look from a wider angle, we can observe and experience be daily and the moment to moment change in our Personal, Family and Social life. Every moment the entire universe is changing in a high velocity, giving many needful technical and other knowledge and applied facilities. If we are very keen in our observation, we can study some underlined principles, which will change your life in a big way in the coming days. Below we would like to present some very simple but basic truth, which will carefully understood and introspected will lead us to live a very beautiful, Peaceful and Wonderful life for ever.
1. The very changing nature of our life is the only Fruitful, Dependable and an Acceptable Factor in this world.
2. It is better to understand that continuous change in all spectrums of our life is taking place in and unimaginable speed and we should leave at par with these changes.
3. Our Attitude, Approach and Personal habits and Behaviors have got a tremendous influence in our life.
4. Due to our Personal and Collective Ignorance, we are unaware of the innumerable possibilities and choice in this beautiful universe.
5. It is high time that we should awake from our sleepy and ignorance state and we should start acting with intense motivation and urge.
6. We are at freedom to choose what we really want. We can opt for the better and start moving in the right and straight path for a purposeful life.
7. Our thoughts create our reality and as we remind at the highest peak of creation and ask we are fully conscious, we can re-write our future and fortune.
8. Conscious Intention with total feeling and involvement can really change our life in the direction we want.
9. As everything in life is a personal choice, it is upto us to decide whether we should live in a happy, harmonious and balanced state. Yes, let us choose for a life in total well-being.
10. We should always have a clear cut vision for what we want to become in our life. Our mission should be in congruence with our vision. For actualizing our vision we should focus on it daily and should intensify it very deeply.
11. Give up the idea that having a definite intention and travelling in the direction is very difficult. Actually, it is very, very easy and simple, if we decide to be so and if we take the first step and pursue with it properly and systematically we will achieve the results.
12. A proper decision taken up a proper time with proper intensity of thought is like a sharp knife and it can cut off all the layers of our mind and it can travel in the velocity of light and can reach at the goal with positive results.
13. Our decisions and actions should come from our innermost self and we should follow that.
14. We should re-program our mind for a radical positive change in life.
15. Daily reading and writing our goals and intentions really make our mind to proceed in the specified path making positive outcomes.
16. Whatever may be the problems that we face in life our appropriate decision and proper action with intense motivation and enthusiasm is the key to a successful life.
17. Most of us spend our time every day by simply thinking on the, what and why of a specific situation. But if we think about the how of a situation and proceed in that way we will achieve what we want in the quickest and easiest way.
18. Proper decision and action without unwanted reactions is the key to a beautiful life. We should learn to put appropriate action in an appropriate situation at an appropriate point of time.
19. For every situation and action we have to move with a positive mental attitude and should not allow any negative forces to interfere with our goal,
20. Understanding and believing in the proper guidance by a Supreme Force (Our Being/The Almighty God) really makes everything easier and attainable.
And at last our sincere request is that, you may go through these simple truths for making a positive change in your life. Read and Re-read, Write and Re-Write it in your daily journal and ponder over it.

Yes! Definitely! Success is Your's !!

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