141 Habits to change your Life

Habits to change your Life

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

All of us live every day knowingly and unknowingly by the particular choice that we adopt our thoughts greatly influence our actions. Do you know that, if we persistently follow one thought and act accordingly that becomes a daily routine and that becomes a part of our habits. Our habits and behavior reflects on our life. Every body’s life is a combination of good and bad habits, but when we try to define good or bad, it is a matter of our personal perception and attitude. We can see a number of situations in our life were different people take them in different ways. A good thing for one person at a particular point of time may be a bad thing for another person. And also visa viz. Since you are living in a society we have to be at par with the norms and customs of the particular culture and beliefs and systems and customs. Actually, habits are developed from our early childhood, from our parents and relatives and the like. Many a time we think that can we change our habits? Is it very difficult to get rid of a bad habit? Can I develop a good habit? The answer is that even though we were having various habits for any length of time, if we really want to change we can change it. We have to understand a simple fact that, every habit is a young product of repetitive thoughts and actions and it is registered in our mind. Now we are in a better position to adopt various life changing technologies which will definitely change your habit and behavior and make us good persons in the society. As we have already pointed out if you are ready to make a change in your daily habit pattern deliberately and continue it for a sufficient length of time, like a magic you will become a changed person in the immediate future.

Here we have picked up some useful habits, which practise regularly for a minimum period of time will change your life dramatically. We have selected these habits considering the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Personal, Creativity, Career, Learning, Relationship and Social areas in life. Let us have a look at them one by one. Don't be in a busy to pick up all this and try to do it on Monday. Go through them and select one or two which we find the most feasible for you and practise it. After selecting and practising the selected habits you may change to another set. Any how, it is upto you to decide what to practise? Even though it look simple, it is 100% definite that positive change will happen.

1. Every day, walk for a small distance in the morning or evening.
2. If you are having a sedentary work, stand up for two minutes every one hour.
3. Do some stretching exercise before your bath.
4. Massage your body with coconut oil 1 hour before daily morning bath.
5. Make it a point to allot 15 minutes, for any aerobic exercise.
6. Make it a habit to keep your vehicle, far away from a crowd and then walk to the place.
7. Discard the habit of using the elevators in Multi-storied building.
8. Take 10 deep breathing exercises whenever you get time.
9. Join a sports team near your location.
10. Find fun in cycling, biking and skating.
11. Instead of watching TV Sitting, watch it standing and walking.
12. Try to have regular love making.
13. Make it a habit to drink 2 glasses of pure water when you wake up as the first thing.
14. Carry sufficient water bottles whenever you are travelling.
15. From today onwards make it a habit that you will not take snacks and bakery items.
16. Whenever you feel hungry in between major meals, take some fruits and plain water.
17. If you want tea, use only green tea without milk.
18. Make it a habit to drink a glass of fruit juice at 11 am.
19. From today onwards I will take only small quantities of food.
20. From this week onwards I will take chicken or fish only once a week.
21. I am going to reduce the intake of refined sugar from today onwards.
22. Make it a habit to clean the dishes you have used by yourselves.
23. Go for outing after taking some food from home.
24. I have decided I will not take food from outside for today.
25. Eat your breakfast at 8 am.
26. Make it a habit to take full vegetarian diet for 6 days a week.
27. I will eat slowly and carefully.
28. From today onwards I am reducing the intake of Alcoholic drinks.
29. Start cooking with coconut oil and discard other cooking oils.
30. Take one tender coconut water once a day.
31. Be conscious of your unnecessary thoughts and try to change it.
32. Spend at least 5 minutes a day to practise gratefulness for the blessings you enjoyed.
33. Make it a point to write a positive affirmation about what you want today?
34. Think about the happy events in your life you enjoyed earlier.
35. Don't think about negative outcomes.
36. Try to learn and change from the mistakes you have done yesterday.
37. Work out on a theme mentally that you want to execute next month.
38. Make it a point to do some brain games like a crossword puzzle - Sudoku or the like.
39. Mentally Chand a spiritual or motivational ‘mantra’ whenever you get time.
40. Instead of watching TV read good motivational books.
41. Before starting anything have a prayer to the Almighty.
42. Whenever you are alone, imagine and daydream for a better future.
43. Before taking any action study it in detail and get the opinion of an experienced person.
44. In decision making utilize your thinking skills and observe possible outcomes and alternatives.
45. Make it a practise to spend 5 to 15 minutes for prayer, meditation and the like spiritual practices.
46. Before taking your food, pray to the Almighty for providing the same.
47. Whenever possible, take 5 deep breathe.
48. Try to observe, identify and let go of your emotional thoughts.
49. When you are stressed out sit simply, close your eyes, relax your body and do nothing for 5 minutes.
50. Make it a habit to practise walking meditation when you are going for evening walk.
51. Don't think about and get anxious and worried about what others think about you.
52. Make it a habit to surrender your life to the supreme self (Almighty).
53. Be grateful to the beautiful nature where you are living.
54. Develop a habit of doing some service and help to needy one.
55. Make it a habit to smile and laugh as often.
56. It is better to talk to one unknown person whom you meet every day.
57. The best thing that you can offer to your spouse is to give a hug and express your love.
58. Discard the habit of insulting or irritating your spouse.
59. When you come back from work don't forget to bring a small gift to your loved one.
60. Better to ask what you want today your spouse before you going out for today's work.
61. Make it a point to spend some time with your loved one's daily.
62. It is better not to criticize the spouse for simple pitfalls.
63. Try to be very gentle in your words and actions towards to your spouse.
64. Make it a point to phone your spouse at least twice while you are outside for your daily work.
65. Whenever possible help the spouse in cooking and cleaning.
66. Be happy to touch and impress your spouse simply whenever you get free time.
67. It is better to define your important values and plans in life on a long term basis.
68. Whenever possible workout for your long time plans.
69. Spend 15 minutes for researching and reading on your specific plans and programs.
70. Don't give unwanted attachment into unwanted silly things in life.
71. Before making a decision thinks about the problems that can create for others.
72. Reduce the habit of making excuses in implementing projects and programs.
73. Make it a habit to be more creative rather than criticizing and finding fault with others.
74. Always follow your gut feelings and positive beliefs.
75. Be generous and compassionate with others as far as possible.
76. Develop a habit of more integrity and truthfulness in life.
77. Make it a habit to simplify your life.
78. Write down the 5 mail goals that you want to accomplish this year.
79. Practice the habit of Brain storming, before working out for a new project.
80. Start your day after going through your 'what to do daily list'.
81. During your working hours, keep your phones in the silent mode and don't surf over the internet.
82. Make it a point to wake up early in the morning and plan your days’ work ahead.
83. Every week spend one hour in a specific day for evaluating your work.
84. When executing major works divide into small chunks and work on it.
85. Make a list of urgent things to do for today and work accordingly.
86. Make list on known urgent things and fix a time for the same later.
87. Be honest to say 'No' whenever you are unable to do.
88. Don't make unnecessary obligations to others.
89. Better to avoid the habit of joining various clubs.
90. Before purchasing things online, be double sure that it is genuine.
91. Always seek help of a mentor or personal advisor before you take up a new project.
92. Always seek out for a better job in your professional life.
93. Be earlier to your office or workplace by about at least 15 minutes.
94. Make it a point to maintain your dress code sufficiently.
95. Keep away from unnecessary meetings and gatherings.
96. Make good report and intimacy with decision makers.
97. Try to research and develop your professional skills.
98. Don't make conflicts with your colleagues and superiors.
99. Try to learn new languages and skills for your professional success.
100. Give up the habit of over promising and under promising statements to your clients and colleagues.
101. Try to make a create idea for your organization and give it to the decision makers.
102. Always be sympathetic and empathetic to your co-workers.
103. Try to learn something new every day.
104. Be more proficient in newer computer technologies.
105. Attend some mind programing courses, especially NLP.
106. Try to write a Personal Blog and publish it in Blogger, Word press or any other blogging platform.
107. Make a decision that you will write a short book by the end of this year and start writing today.
108. Attend some speed reading or speed writing courses.
109. Make it a point to joint some online courses.
110. Start taking some photographs while you are travelling.
111. Make it a point to invest some time for financial investment and money management.
112. Do some research in relation to your profession and business.
113. Make it a point to talk to some useful persons every day.
114. Before going to work, stand in front of a mirror and plan what you are going to do today.
115. Always be confident that you will succeed always.
116. Note out your area of weakness and incapacity and seek help for the same from others.
117. Try to be emotionally mature in dealing with daily life problems.
118. Take care of your personal comforts in the appropriate manner.
119. Always try to maintain a nice and appreciable body language.
120. Try to be genuine and truthful in your daily activities.
121. Be in contact with your true friends regularly.
122. Discuss with your real friends about the problems you want to solve.
123. Make the support and advice and association of your sincere friends before starting a new project.
124. Be honest and open to your actual friends.
125. Listen to the advice of your sincere friend.
126. Always choose Trustworthy, Transparent and Reliable friends.
127. Don't try to be in conflicts with your real friends for unnecessary things.
128. Don't spend too much time with your friends.
129. Understand that 'A Friend in need is a Friend indeed'.
130. Don't forget to do regular exercise.
131. Don't forget to go to bed earlier.
132. Always wake up early in the morning.
133. Make it a habit to opt for vegetarian diet and more fruits and vegetables.
134. Change your habit of taking non-vegetarian diet.
135. Give up the habit of taking fast foods and junk foods.
136. Make it a point to take your homemade meals for your lunch at workplace.
137. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea to the minimum.
138. Carry two bottles of plain water while going for work and drink it.
139. Spend sufficient time for personal hygiene and cleanliness.
140. Along with Physical Hygiene, Mental and Spiritual Hygiene is needed.
141. Prayer and Meditation should become a part of your daily ritual.

Even though we have given a long list of things that we should practise to change our habits and behavior, you may choose and act on that on a regular basis. We have tried to cover almost all areas in our life with special emphasise to the Professional, the Personal, the Social & the Spiritual aspects. Please give up the idea that is a long list and that it is very difficult to practise. The fact is that, if you start practising at least 5 things the other changes will follow it spontaneously and in a short time you will express, Experience and enjoy the wonderful changes that will occur in your life. Let us make an oath that from now onwards I will start changing.

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