Your Drive and Inspiration Must Come From Within

Dr. Purushothaman
December 17, 2013


All enduring and sustainable inspiration must come from within each individual. That is why it so important for leaders to empower their team members and to support them to have a vision for the future of their own. As it is the inner drive or inspiration of each individual and their ability to have a personal vision, which will propel each team member to deliver their best, which in turn will allow the team to enjoy long term sustainable success. The vision of the leader can never inspire the members of their team, unless each individual can embrace the vision and make it their own.

Know Why you want to do Anything and Nothing Can Stop you

My experience has shown me that, the success of your efforts does not depend on the efforts themselves, but rather on the individual's motive for carrying out the actions in the first place. Super achievement, where individuals have excelled or where they have built great business success, has in most cases, been driven by an unfathomable desire to express themselves, by solving a problem using their skills and knowledge as best they could. They felt compelled and driven to express their inner vision and nothing could stop them.

Do not Pursue Money as your Primary Objective

Yes, super achievers do earn plenty of money and in many cases are able to amass great fortunes for their efforts, but that can never be the prime driver of your efforts. To drive sustainable long term success, the driver of super achievement must be inspired by an inner magnificent obsession, a deep rooted passion. Profit and making money must be a wonderful by-product and never the prime objective for anyone who wants to become a super achiever.

Inspiration comes from Within

Human greatness can never be motivated externally. It must be driven by a deep rooted desire, which comes from within. Discover what you love to do and the fire of inspiration will burn brightly from within. Nothing, no challenge or obstacle will stop you from succeeding. When you discover your own “magnificent obsession” and you work daily to become the person you need to be to live it. Everything around you will support your efforts to succeed. The resources will almost effortlessly flow into your experience. Success is a becoming; it is never something you can successfully pursue.

Uncover your Magnificent Obsession

When you know what you really want and you have unlocked your “magnificent obsession” there will be a fire, which burns from within. You will have an inspired mind-set and you will see an abundant universe, filled with endless opportunities to move you along the path, to the future you have envisioned. The drive and passion, which comes from unlocking your Magnificent Obsession or reason for being, is an incredible, unstoppable force, which will buoy your inspiration daily and drive you to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Action Idea: Search within yourself and try to uncover your Magnificent Obsession. To help you search and discovery, start by asking, what you would you do with your life if you won a $ 1 00 000 000 lottery. Write down as many things that flow into your mind as possible. Stretch yourself, the more you think about this, the more deep and inspiring your answers will become. You know what your reason for being or magnificent obsession is; you have just locked it away. Dare to explore and uncover yours, it will give you the drive and passion to live your potential and to become the best version of you possible.

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