Your Business Vision - The First Step To Successful Succession Planning For Your Business

Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

It's vitally important is that you take the time to get really clear on what not only your expectations of the future of your business are, but that you know what you want - even what you dream about.

A business vision is more than a template to fit into, it's a much bigger thing. It's about hope and desire. About passion and dreams of what you want it to be like, without restriction.

Taking the time either alone, with your most important key team members or, perhaps, even with all your employees, is a great start. Sometimes, however much challenge you have in your work, it's all about the stake of making a decision to do something, firmly in the ground.

It's a radical life, career and business changing decision, is developing a business vision and it's a fact, most businesses, especially small to medium ones, don't even think about it. Yet it's probably the most enlightening action they could take.

In the challenging fast-paced world in which we all work these days, it's something you cannot afford not to do. Or your business will wither and die. That's one big reason that so many have such short shelf lives.

If you own your own business, manage a team or head up a department, you will have your own views on where you are going. On what you want the future to look like in your wildest dreams. Well, that's almost perfect!

And what can make it even better, is having the courage to get others involved in the 'what' it will look like, and leave the 'how' you are all going to achieve it till you've all got the picture. You've all got the business vision for the future.

Sure, you will have that vital business vision already formulating in your own mind. And the strong and ambitious let others in as well, because you just can't do it all, to the very best effect, without the contributions of others. And they will love it too.

Involving others in building a compelling business vision gets them engaged at the very start - and they are onboard as a partner in the next stages, where the challenging 'how' plans and decisions have to be made.

Because, you see, they live and breathe your business already, day in, day out, and can show you a different side. A perspective that you might be blind to. Possibilities you just don't appreciate. And that can be worth it's weight in gold in the future.

Whether you are a manager of a divisional team or have built your business up from your garage, you are an emotional part of it - it's your baby and you're really attached to it - and that's a problem. So you need that other input.

It's time to be brave, bring your people in to share their ideas and build something compelling as your business vision. Something that has the legs to drive passion and energy from day one. That leaves your people excitedly chattering about it as they leave you.

Then you can ensure that you start the way forward with your people on your side, prepared to build for the future and get the people plans in place to deliver.

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