Your Attitude Determines your Success

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Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Your attitude is the number one criteria to your success in wooing, winning, and wedding the woman of your dreams. I'm sure that you have heard that many times before. But it's true.

Attitude is the most important aspect to success in any venture.

You need three things to be able to successfully court a woman half way around the world: Personal resources, a plan, and commitment. Of these three, commitment is the most important.

If you have commitment, you will find the personal resources and you will persist until you succeed.

We all have the potential within us to achieve great things with our lives. We can be anything we want to be. I think most people would accept the findings of brain researchers that we only use a small fraction of the potential power of our minds.

Most people would accept that if we are prepared to set goals, make plans, and work hard, we are likely to achieve much more with our lives. We would have the ability to build better lives for ourselves and our families, than we would if we just do the minimum required to get by.

We may know and accept these things, but that doesn't mean that we are prepared to act on this information and actually do something about it. Why is that? I think that the alternatives are often just too attractive and easy to pursue than to put in the work necessary to achieve our goals.

It may not be that difficult to put in the extra effort required that could make a big difference in our lives, but the reality is that it's much easier not go the easier softer way. There is one overriding factor that makes the difference and determines our actions, and that is our attitude.

Our attitude is the deciding factor to what we experience in life and the attainment of our goals in so many areas of our life.

If your attitude toward your job is that you aren't prepared to do anything outside your job description, or even less if possible, you may feel pleased by getting one over on the boss, but you're unlikely to be considered for a promotion.

Many people enter into a personal relationship with the attitude that because they've been hurt in the past, they are likely to be hurt again. It's this attitude more than anything else that will insure that these predictions are likely to come true.

If you approach problems with a "why does this always happen to me" attitude (a victim mentality), you're likely to not only attract problems, but also have difficulty dealing with them.

Your attitude largely determines your expectations for the future, what you want from your life, and what you are prepared to do to insure you achieve your goals in life. If your attitude is 'what's the point?' or 'it's not worth the effort' you're sure to be proven right.

By the opposite also holds true. If you're prepared to make more of an effort in your job, it's likely that this will be noticed and you will attract promotion and growth opportunities.

If your attitude is generally optimistic and you don't expect to experience problems, you're not only less likely to do so, but when you do, you'll most likely find solutions more easily so you can quickly get back on track.

If you have a positive attitude and look forward to every day for the opportunities it will bring, you will find more opportunities. If you write down your goals, you will make the plans necessary to achieve your goals and take appropriate action. You are well on your way to achieving your ideal life.

With an attitude of positive expectation, you'll not only achieve more, but you'll also experience more satisfaction in your daily life.

Other people can influence our attitudes. The media, our choice of friends, and relatives. We are also affected by our life experiences. Unfortunately, it often seems there are more negative than positive influences.

We cannot control other people or events, and things will happen that we don't like that may affect us in some way. But what we can and must control is how we react to these things. No person or event can control or change our attitude - unless we allow it.

Likewise, no one else can really cause us to become upset or angry. When this happens, we are giving other people control over our lives and relinquishing control of our most basic human right - the control of our own mind. I'm sure you've all seen those signs in offices that go something like 'Everyone brings joy to this office, some when they enter, and some when they leave.'

Which one of these people would you like to be known as? Would you like to be known as a person whose attitude gives the impression they are walking around with a permanent rain cloud over their head. Or would you rather been known as a someone people look forward to seeing? Which person do you think has a happier and more fulfilling life?

A wise man once said, something like 'it's not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.' If your attitude is not working for you, it's probably working against you. Your attitude can be holding you back in ways you don't even realize. No one else can control your attitude; it's all up to you. Change your attitude and change your life.

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