Your Assertive Rights

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

Recognizing your assertive rights is a big element of any proper assertiveness training course. When you're alert to your rights, you’ll have the ability to define healthy limits in both your personal and professional connections.

As opposed to enabling your choices and behaviour to be dictated by the folks around you, you’ll possess the ability to take the lead in any circumstance and recover your personal power as a consequence.

In this article, I’ll be covering these particular assertive rights:

1. You possess the right to ask questions to help you to make a good selection

If you’re missing the critical knowledge to make a good decision or if you’re just uncertain, it’s completely acceptable for you to ask questions and acquire the details you have to have before getting on with things. You should not be made to feel stupid or ignorant for recognizing that you don’t know something and seeking more information about it.

2. You possess the right to get some things wrong and be responsible for them

I’m certain you’ve heard cliche, “nobody’s perfect”. We're all guaranteed to get some things wrong at some point in our lifetime, and that’s okay on the condition that you acknowledge them. No one gets the right to use these mistakes as a tool to manipulate you into feeling guilty about yourself.

3. You've got the right to your personal spare time

It’s perfectly healthy that you have your own free time, and no one has got the power to cause you to feel bad about spending it as you wish. Being free doesn’t mean that you need to handle more work or do something beneficial with that time when you don’t wish to. No one has got the right to determine the way you spend that time, or to lead you to feel guilty for “squandering” it.

4. You have the right to be treated with dignity

You've got right to be treated with respect by the folks you come into contact with instead of being spoken to condescendingly in the slightest, irrespective of your age, your job earnings and level of education.

5. You've got the right to celebrate your successes

You have got every right to celebrate your successes, without feeling like you must obscure them or downplay them by any means. You should never feel low about being good at something and enjoying your successes.

Most of the time, we can believe that people are keeping us from truly expressing ourselves or undertaking what we wish to do. The truth is, usually the issues that we encounter are caused by our own ignorance of these assertive rights.
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