You Are Not Your Body Nor Your Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

You think that you are this body you are flowing through. You have that body, but you mistake it to be who you are, and it is not.

You think that you are this mind that flows through this body. You have that mind, but you mistake it to be who you are, and it is not.

This belief that you are this mind-body is the only thing that you have ever suffered, and are still suffering. You suffer this because you have not yet seen the need to consciously focus your attention into the present on a momentary basis.

You will carry on mistaking yourself to be the body that you are flowing through in every moment that your full attention is not given to what is simply right here before you in this moment. Because of familiarity you will automatically gravitate to the "no conscious attention" state. Here, you are asleep, and you accept this to be your normal daily living.

This sleep-walking through life enables you to carry on making yourself as comfortable as possible in the circumstance of the pain and suffering (with occasional and much sought-after moments of pleasure) that you find yourself in.

Fortunately for you, you do not see what you are so constantly closing the door on; the love and light of your heart. You settle for what your mind tells you about it instead.

To realise this one that you are, requires a mind-body (a vehicle, a person, an individuation) to realise it through. You, as your heart, created this vehicle for you to realise your true nature through.

You; your true nature, is already right here and flowing through the eyes of this mind-body that you mistake yourself to be. When you energetically find and stop at and as this one flowing through your eyes, you will come to rest as who you are. Here, you are deeply at rest, and abide as and in the obviousness of your true nature. Here, you no longer mistake yourself to be something that you are not.

Who you are is already right here. You can actually be who you truly are right now, immediately. It is an entirely different motion to the one that you are currently playing out. You can stop suffering the nightmare of the mind informancy of this mind-body right now. You can do this simply by giving all of your attention to this present moment and seeing everything, just as it is.

Because you have been trying to be something that you are not for a very long time, this activity has a real charge to it. It will take some "practice" of seeing and being who you are for this activity to lose its momentum. There has been a huge investment of energy in this trying to be something that you are not. Because of this it will not just suddenly stop because you have begun to see who you are. You will need to bring your attention back into this present moment again and again. And again.

This simplicity of bringing of your attention into the moment is all it takes for you to be who you are. It is all it takes for anyone, teacher or not, to begin to live their true nature. And your mind-body is not you; it is the vehicle that enables you to give this attention and to realise who you are.


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