Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Worry is something negative in nature, like negative thoughts or emotions that keeps a person anxious. Worry is often a factor which distracts us from performing our best. When you are very much worried, you can feel butterflies in your tummy. This is often experienced by students who are about to face their examinations or by a candidate who is about to face an interview.
In order to gain a healthy mind, one has to control the negative factors like worry or anxiety. If one has great confidence in oneself, then worry is automatically pushed out from his mind. Live positive and give space for positivity and not for negative feeling like worry.

Ill effects of Worrying

• Worry can act as a stumbling block to our productivity.
• It can result in serious physical as well as mental disorders
• It prevents us from being productive
• Worrying about the negative sides always prevent us even from starting a work.
• It prevents us from trying
• People who worry forget to be friendly with others. They are not aware of socializing

How to stop worrying

1. Stop thinking about the future. Live in the present. If you keep on worrying about what would happen the next day or what will be happening after couple of years later, then you will end up with nothing. Just think about today.
2. Always prepare yourself for the worst. So when ever anything negative happens, you can sit calmly and solve it with ease.
3. Worry can always have a bad effect on your health. If you are not strong enough to fight your problems, you are sure to end up in great disaster. Health is the one thing you are going to lose if you are not going to control your habit of worrying
4. Keep yourself busy most of the time. This can reduce your mentality to worry.
5. Keep your leisure time busy. Engage yourself in hobbies or activities like reading or gardening. Good exercise during free time can also give you better health.
6. Listen to music while exercising. This helps to direct your thoughts to the music alone and you will not make your mind go around worrying for one reason or the other.
7. If there is any problem which is the main reason of your worries, then go to the root cause of the problem and try to solve it as early as possible.
8. Never fuss for small problems.
9. Never dig the past. Let go the past and live in future with a light mind.
10. Always think of the positives in you
11. Throw away your problems and unhappy situations.
12. Always remind your mind that you are the best and no matter how much others criticize you, you are a masterpiece of the Almighty.
13. Put in all your efforts while working. Never bother about the end results.
14. If you are worn out worrying, then take a nap. It can rejuvenate your spirits.
15. Make your house clutter-free.
16. Always keep a pleasant face.
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