Help To Control Your Emotions

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


Whether your emotional tendencies veer towards tearfulness, anxiety, anger or whatever else, uncontrolled emotions take their toll. But there is an easy way in which you can change these instinctive and automatic responses.
Emotional control is something that is all too frequently ignored. Far too many people believe that they are stuck with their uncontrolled emotional responses to situations. Some golfers throw clubs on the course and justify their actions in the belief that they cannot help that they care so much. Other people rant and rave at their colleagues or spouse. Some smash their fists into walls or through their computer screens. You get the picture I'm sure.
Onlookers from amongst my mothers generation can be heard saying things like "He or she never learned self control" or "Manners Make the Man", whilst at the same time shaking their heads and tutting! Some of their comments you would probably take with a pinch of salt, for example: "He should have been horse whipped" or "That would never have happened in my day".
It does however seem that freedom of speech and new ways of thinking have also encouraged a freedom of venting emotions. "Best to get it out" is a common pattern of thought and again a justification that is relied upon rather heavily in this day and age.
There are times when it is undeniably best to release pent up emotion. On the whole however, it would be more advantageous to learn strategies to control and alter emotional responses. Unfortunately the majority of people do not know where to embark upon this learning curve. Many think that it does not even exist as a possibility to contemplate and simply go along falsely believing that they are stuck with their tendency to vent adhoc.
There is in fact a very simple and extremely powerful solution to this problem. You can control emotional reactions easily with a little help from hypnosis.
The brain wave patterns seen during hypnosis have shown researchers that hypnosis decouples cognitive control from conflict monitoring processes of the frontal lobe of the brain. That is, it can be used to unlink, re-link, or exchange emotions that have become associated with specific memories stored in the brain. You unconsciously draw from these stored mental-emotional relationships every moment of the day and also during the night when you dream.
Every single thing you do will involve an unconscious interaction with this part of your mind. Thus the reach of hypnosis extends infinitesimally out into every large or small area of your life. If there is anything you want to change in terms of instinctive thought patterns, behaviors, reactions or habits, hypnosis has the power to help.
Hypnosis can be used to change your expectations and therefore change your experience of things. Your instinctive thoughts in turn create your automatic emotional and experiential reactions.
Hypnosis is easy to use simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 download. It is natural and has no negative side effects. For anyone who wishes to control his or her emotions it is definitely worth trying.

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