Workplace Safety and Importance

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

Accidents happen around all the time and we usually see people injuring themselves when working. The importance of workplace safety is now a big issue for many organisations and keen measures are taken to prevent incidents from happening. A corporation that does not caters the safety needs of its workers will often have troubles with poor performance, increased health claims and the overall performance and even other aspects. Employees may often be stressful with so many injuries happening around them and this may affect their productivity too. So for this reason, the businesses should ensure that the workplace safety factors are a priority and all necessary & possible solutions are provided to prevent miss-haps.
However, should not just be the top priority for the higher managements but all employees should also keep a vigilant eye on their surrounding and avoid any bad situations that to could lead to workplace injury. Like, there are many reported cases where workers end up injuring themselves when their clothes are caught up into machines. These incidents can be prevented if proper care is taken and workers are trained to keep a view of their surroundings while working especially with machines that are risky to operate. For this purpose, companies can arrange training courses or other education methods to train workers for various types of situations. These trainings will be highly helpful and will benefit the employees in many ways. Reputable Companies always provide frequent trainings to its employees making sure they are up-to-date with all safety measures and are well informed time to time to keep them vigilant. The most crucial of the trainings include first aid courses. First Aid has a great value. In case of accidents or emergencies, the staff will be able to provide initial medical care sometimes very vital to the survival in worse cases. This will also help the employees feel comfortable when they know they have so many people to take care in case of an accidents or injury.
A workplace safety awareness program will help and educate employees on how to avoid injuries. This is equally important to the companies as well. There are many laws that provide a right to the employees to claim workplace injuries proper safeties methods were not implemented. The cases could differ and there are various scenarios of injuries. However, if the injury is claimed, the company will have to accordingly with the rules and laws and may cost them a fortune. To avoid paying hefty amounts to injured employees, it is better to educate them so that they could easily avoid any un-necessary situations. Plus they are well informed and well equipped to cope with situations in case anything happens.
Many companies are more conscious nowadays in regards to the imposition of restrictions and workplace safety practices. This is because there are millions that companies pay on average every year when injury claims are made. The overall industry has been affected by this situation and therefore companies are taking various measures to decrease the costs. However, there are a handful of places where incidents likely happen even despite providing trainings and educational courses. But employees still will feel confident on the provision of various security measures and will comfortably conclude their duties without many concerns. As mentioned earlier, the duty to ensure safety equally applies to employers and employees.

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