Workplace Accident Risks and Your Responsibilities As an Employer

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

A workplace accident can happen at any time and when you least expect. That’s why health and safety is so very important in the any working environment. It could leave your company open to the risk of a compensation claim and also damage to your reputation. Just one workplace accident is all it can take sometimes to cripple a company financially.

If you are concerned that your health and safety provisions are not up to scratch or you have just experienced a near-miss in your workplace, it could be time to start improving your health and safety policies and procedures.

It can happen in the least likely of places. Even an office is not safe. Faulty electrical equipment, faulty cabling, defective kitchen equipment, uneven floor surfaces and overloaded cabinets can all cause nasty injuries and all could result in an expensive workplace accident compensation claim.

Health and safety assessments are affordable and they could help to protect your workforce and your business. With so many accidents compensation claim companies in operation today you will not have a leg to stand on if you are taken to court and found to have acted negligently.

For employees looking to start a workplace accident claim, things have never been easier. If they have suffered an injury or illness as the result of a risk or hazard at work, they have every right to make a claim, especially if the risk was something they had already reported. Don’t leave yourself open to risk.

It is your responsibility to show a duty of care to your employees so that they feel safe and can carry out their job role without risk to their health or their safety. Health and safety legislation is tightening year on year and it's important that you keep on top of the workplace accident risks that are prevalent and how to prevent them through the implementation of safety training and procedures.
In addition to ensuring all equipment and work provisions are safe, you should also arrange regular safety training and ensure that supervisors and managers are aware of your health and safety procedures and policies too. There are many health and safety courses on offer that teach the many workplace accident hazards and risks and therefore there is no excuse for companies to say they were not aware of legislation or their responsibilities as an employer.
Don't wait for a workplace accident to happen. Without good health and safety provisions in place, it is only a matter of time before somebody gets injured on your premises or even worse dies.

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