A few Words About Learning Disability

Dr. Purushothaman
March 25, 2018

Learning disability is a cognitive processing problem which can affect a number of areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, etc. It can also affect higher level skills like organization, time planning, attention, etc. Normally learning disability is viewed as a handicapping in one's life, but the reality is really fascinating, many great people who made their mark in this world with their unique inventions are dyslexic. Einstein is one among them, Whose brain was latterly discovered as the largest developed one.

One day a 4 year old boy who came from the school had a slip in his pocket for his mother from his class teacher. When the mother reads that slip, she got shocked. It was written that “your son was so stupid in his learning”. For one moment she got stuck, in her mind, she replied “my son is not a stupid, I will teach him. And she started teaching. Many years later the 4 year old boy grown up and become an inventor of secondary source of light, that is “THE BULB” yes, that was the great man “THOMAS ALWA EDISON” who got only a small period of formal education. He was also dyslexic.

In my view learning disability is not a disability in learning. It is a kind of teaching disability. If a normal child will take 1 hour to cover a portion. It will take 4 hours for a disabled child to cover it. That means a big difference in their learning capacity. I am not blaming teachers, but the system of teaching, the curriculum. We can find a big difference between the 1950s and 2000 in everything starting from chapels we wear to the aircraft we used to fly. But one thing remains unchanged that is our educational system. If one is poor in his formal education, the society will seal him as “walking garbage” and make him feel that he is useless. This system should be changed. I think that it will be a “sunshine” to the “raindrops” that is their “tears”. It will give more than a “rainbow”. Disabled persons have some defects I admit that, but more than that they have some unique qualities or in my words some unique powers. They have good problem solving skill, they pose good creativity

There was an artist who lived and worked in a small shed near by a church. The shed was so weak that it was made of old wooden blocks. He shared his room with some rodents because he got no other way. One day by seeing a small mouse in his heaven the artist got an idea that why could I make some small changes in its picture to give a creative touch? And years later that mouse is still alive in our mind and we call it with love “MICKY MOUSE” Yes, that was the great cartoonist “WALT DISNEY”. He was also dyslexic.

Persons with learning disability have some power, a unique power to overcome failures. The way to success is not an express highway, which will lead you quickly to the destination. I feel it like a horizon. We have to travel a long distance through the rough sea. As like an English proverb “ A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner”. Sometimes all you have will lose in that. The only thing that can lead you is positivity you carry with you. Success should not be compared with your effort and others. It is the comparison between how we are doing and what we are capable of doing.

As I told earlier disabled persons have high power to manage failures. They can go through any obstacles. If they fall in one step, they will bounce back with a power to jump 10 steps. If one can try to overcome his disability, the key word here is “try” which will be a golden thread to the “THRONE OF SUCCESS”

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