Why don’t I feel affectionate?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 8, 2020

Expressing gratitude and affection to your dear ones not only enhance their commitment and thankfulness for you, but even enhances your relationship, comfort, and satisfaction. But if showing gratitude and affection are actually so amazing, why do we sometimes refuse to prove it, if it would make our relationship secure?

It is actually not-so-strange for one to not feel thankful. Generally, there is a clear bias between the two when it comes to offering and receiving care, fondness, or affection. Many psychologists indicate to this as greed to be touched, though it is actually more than that. People with a heart of ice have abolished emotions, faced complications in expressing their feelings, without even becoming hateful or introverted.

We all know that kindness is so necessary that we see it in animals as well. Even animals look for friendliness and emotional relation. So, if these expressions are so basic and magical, why few people act like they don’t care for anyone?

  • The first thing is the lack of self-esteem. We should understand that the self- confidence is the real core of a successful and mindful living. Only by boosting our self- confidence in all areas of life we can become a better person, who can understand the feelings and emotions of others. People look to reduce the risk of being rejected by hiding their feelings.
  • The next reason we find that many people are too shy to express their feelings to the ones they love.
  • Many people even think that if they will start being emotionally with others, that is actually a sign of weakness. And that will reveal their low-self-esteem
  • And lastly, the aspect which we cannot ignore is how we were raised. If we are born and brought up in an environment, where the attachment is merely non-existent, we probably don’t understand the value of offering affection

There is a thing we all must remember that we cannot force people to express their love or care. This plan of action will never work. And trying to do so may be worthless or sometimes unfavorable.
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